How Meditation Can Help You Succeed in Life

Meditation is a term that is commonly used when discussing Buddha, or Hare Krishna, and for probably that very reason, has become a factor that we push out of sight when contemplating success.

However, over the recent years, it has been implied that meditation is in fact that glorious key that unlocks the door of success. Now, I know what you’re thinking, because it was my first thought too. How is meditation going to help make me successful?

How will it help with my long-term career goals, with sticking it to my business competitors, or with my longing financial success?

As per John from Australian lifestyle blogs, The answer lies in our misconstrued idea of meditation. Contrary to popular belief, meditation doesn’t have to be someone sitting in their lounge room or garden, legs crossed, deeply exhaling, humming and concentrating on their breath.

Although this is a form of meditation, it’s a misjudged form in terms of success paths. Meditation is contemplation; meditation is deliberation; meditation is a reflection on the worries and mishaps that are tied with success.

Ultimately, meditation is your canvas. Still don’t believe it? Well answer this; how many of you have meditated as you climb your ladder to success? One hundred? Six? Zero? And, how many of you have worried as you climb that ladder to success? Everyone?

Caryn from Perpetual Wellbeing, who helps her clients with Health and Nutrition advice says “Worrying is a negative form of meditation. If you know how to worry, you know how to meditate.” If there is one thing we can undeniably agree on, it’s that success breeds worry. Worry over money, time limits, organisation, constant plan changes, and the list carries on.

However, one of the key steps to success is knowing your strengths, limitations and barriers. Without knowing these, you are unaware of potential failure; and without knowing your boundaries, how will you unlock that door to success? Meditation gives you the key. Meditation gives you the key to contemplate. Contemplate your barriers, and what you need to overcome in order to gain success.

Meditation gives you the key to deliberate. Deliberate on how to overcome weaknesses and the constant land mines that stand on your success path. Meditation gives you the key to reflect. Reflect on past failures; reflect on how you overcame them; and reflect on how you will overcome new barriers.

Finally, meditation becomes your blank canvas. Draw on your canvas, critique plans, map barriers, and manipulate the design to create your personalised road to success.