Australia’s Highest Paying Jobs


Job markets have the tendency to fluctuate due to the active development of industries in the area, innovation – which leads to the development of new sectors, and the transformation of culture that causes change of demographics in terms of career choices.

As of 2015, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) reports that Australia is in the top 10 OECD countries in regards to low rates of unemployment.

In June 2014, an estimate of 52.9% of Australians were employed which is an impressive figure with the OECD average being at 49.9%.

This indicates that employment in Australia is at a particularly healthy state considering the state of the economy.

With the Australian employment market being in a strong state, the Australian Bureau of Statistics have identified for you which professions you should be entering to be handed top dollar.

Top 10 highest paid professions and their average hourly wage:

1. Anaesthetists $124.10/hour

An Anaesthtist provides the anaesthetic care for surgical operations, pre-op, during the operation and post op. Anaesthetists carry out other various jobs such as providing sedation and pain relief.

To become a qualified anaesthetist you need to first become a qualified medical practitioner and then specialize in anaesthetics.

2. Internal medicine specialist $88/hour

An internist is a primary care doctor who predominantly sees adults, adolescents and the elderly in an office-based setting. Internists are typically generalists, they cover a broad scope of medicine to include total body wellness, diagnosis, and management of chronic conditions.

Internists must complete a four year bachelor’s degree, plus four years of medical school to obtain a medical degree from an accredited organisation.

3. Other medical practitioner’s $69.30/hour

Medical practitioner’s cover a variety of positions including dermatologists, emergency medicine specialists, obstetricians and gynecologists, pathologists and diagnostic radiologists.

Medical practitioner jobs also require the completion of a bachelor’s degree.

4. Dental practitioner’s $68.60/hour

Dental practitioners are qualified to treat patients in overall oral health and hygiene. They are responsible for the routine cleaning for patients as well as the treatment of dental diseases.

To become a dental practitioner you are required to complete a bachelor’s degree such as a Bachelor of Dental Science.

5. Mining engineers $65.50/hour

These engineers are involved in the practice, theory, science, technology and application of processing and extracting minerals from a naturally occurring environment.

To become a Mining Engineer you must complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering)

6. Chemical, gas, petroleum and power generation plant operators $63.90/hour

These positions require the operation of equipment used in producing chemicals, facilitating the pumping of oil and gas from rigs, cultivating and processing petroleum yields, and operating plant equipment.

These positions require the completion of a high school equivalent certificate with the completion of courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics. Most employers will provide intensive on the job training to new plant operators.

7. Barristers $61.80/hour

Barristers act as advocates in legal hearings. The barrister stands in court and pleads the case on behalf of their clients, to the judge.

To become a barrister you must first become a solicter and then be admitted to the Supreme court in a jurisdictions. Then you are required to complete the ‘Bar Readers Course’. As well as a traineeship period with an experienced barrister.

8. Financial dealers $60.80/hour

A financial dealer acts on the behlf of clients by dealing in the marketplace as well as obtaining information on securities, market conditions, government regulations and the financial circumstances of the client.

To become a financial dealer you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree in Commerce or Business.

9. Geologists and geophysicists $59.70/hour

Geologists actively search for minerals, petroleum and groundwater to extract, as well as withholding a role in environment management. Geophysics are those who seek to understand the earth’s interior.

To become a geologist or a geophysicist you can complete a Bachelor of Science (Applied Geology) or a Bachelor of Science (Geophysics)

10. University lecturers and tutors $57.60/hour

University lecturers and tutors teach at a tertiary level, in one or more subject areas. They also conduct research projects.

Universities differ with position requirements – most tutors are required to have completed a bachelor’s degree in the course they will be tutoring. Lecturers are required to have completed a degree in the field being taught, usually a masters or doctoral degree level.