Brisbane Is Getting Its First New Public Golf Course In 70 Years

public golf course cannon hill brisbane

Brisbane golfers can rejoice in their weekend out on the golf course with the first new public course in more than 70 years set to open by 2018.

Peter Castrisos, chairman of Golf Queensland, said there’s 70,000 registered golfers in Queensland that play at members golf clubs, but there’s 140,000 people who play the game of golf and need access to courses too.

New 18- hole course will be located in the suburb of Cannon Hill. The course  will be constructed on a former tip site at Cannon Hill. The site has been cleared already and ready for construction of the course.

There are only two public courses in Brisbane at the moment- Victoria Park and St Lucia. The new golf course will give an opportunity for more Brisbane who wish to spend time on the golf course but might be missing out currently. This will add another great activity to the list of things to do in Brisbane.

“We have in Brisbane many members golf courses … they pay a lot of money to be members and therefore they demand the right to play when they want to play.

“The average hacker isn’t able to get on those courses, so they need public golf courses to have access to the game. The more people we can get onto golf courses the more likely they are to join a golf club and support the industry.” Mt Castrisos said.

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