Guide to Choosing a School in Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful city and one that you will need to explore to know which is the right school for your child. Factors such as when the school year runs through to what type of school your child needs are all critical aspects of choosing the right school for your little ones.

When Does it Start

Schooling in Queensland starts at a very early age with what’s called a preschool or a prep year. This is not something that happens nationally as new teaching staff have to be inducted, funding needs to be found, and there must be space in the school for your child. Many private schools offer a prep type year and have done for a long time now, but mainstream schools are now offering the same.

If you do decide that you wish to place your child in a prep school, make sure the school is fully accredited.

The School Year

The Australian school year runs from January through to December with four terms in January to April for the summer term, May to July for the winter term, July to September for the winter term and October to December again for the summer term.

Junior school starts from year 1 up until year 8 then goes to senior school from year 9 through to year 12.

Uniforms are compulsory in most of the schools, although how smart they are is a subject for much debate!

Meeting Every Need

If you want a school outside of Brisbane for your child who has learning difficulties such as reading, visual memory or auditory memory, then a course found at can be perfect as it is founded on neuroscientific research. It aims to strengthen the weak cognitive area found to be underlying in a range of learning difficulties. It will then enable your child to become confident, productive and independent throughout their life.

Boarding School

There are many boarding schools across the country as boarding is not as seen as anything exceptional, probably because of the size of the country. As it is so popular, there is no air of elitism attached to the notion of boarding like it can be in some of the other countries in the world, most notably in the UK.



The reputation of schools in Queensland is fairly good, but as with any school across the world, this can differ quite dramatically from one suburb to another. The performance of a school is checked against its OP results, which is the overall percentile a school gets dependent on the average mark across the subjects the school offers.

There are private schools in Brisbane which are fee-paying, but make sure you check what is on offer once you have paid your termly fees as some schools don’t include all subjects in their fees as well as optional recreational extras.

Education comes in many guises from single-sex through to religious schools and if you are prepared to travel across Queensland and money is no object, then anything is possible. Also, don’t forget the emergence of international schools such as Montessori which are available to senior school age children.

Brisbane is an exciting city to live in and with planning and research into what suits your child the best, you will find your child will be happy in their educational time here.

Image Source: Flaticons