Carpet steam cleaner – 6 ways to make your workplace secure from coronavirus infections

6 Ways To Make Your Workplace Secure From Coronavirus Infections!

Getting back to work after the deadly pandemic is not easy. But, life has to turn back to routine. We are taking baby steps towards normalcy. The first thing that you as an entrepreneur should do is make your workers secure in your workplace. Yes, we understand it is easier said than done. However, your responsibility as the head of the company increases after this crisis. After all, the health and well-being of hundreds of employees lie in your hands. You should follow your duty well.

 Tips to make your workplace secure post the pandemic!

The new normal after the pandemic demands a lot of adjustments. You will have to accept some alterations and implement a few steps. Just to ensure the well-being and proper health of your employees, try to follow these guidelines:

  1. Accept work from the home process — Unless and until it is very crucial, we would suggest you encourage your employees to work from home. Yes, it seems a long time since this protocol was implemented and followed. But it is still considered the best option to keep everyone safe without hampering the seamless workflow.
  1. Carry out a vaccination drive in your company – If you are a big company, you can ask the government health officials to arrange a vaccination drive at your company. In this way, your entire staff will get vaccinated, and your workplace will become safer. If you can’t manage this, you can arrange for your employees to get vaccinated in a nearby center (please adjust their off days for this purpose).
  1. Skip the biometric system – The biometric system that was part of your office earlier (wherein the employees were required to log in through their fingerprints) needs to stop now. It can be the biggest carrier of dangerous germs and infections. That is why it’s safer to adopt some other option to record their presence and time of entering.
  1. Maintain proper cleanliness and sanitation – Impeccable sanitization steps are the need of the hour in your workplace. A healthy and clean surrounding is the least you can provide your employees (and their hygiene)! If you have an already working janitorial service in your office, explain the need for cleanliness and ensure they follow the protocol. You can even get the latest equipment like carpet steam cleaner from Steamaster. This machine is super easy to use and ensures deep cleaning of the carpet, discarding all the germs and bacteria on the floor. They even offer you other such cleaning equipment which can be used to keep your workplace clean, tidy, and germ-free.
  1. Concentrate on the high touch areas – There are certain high touch areas or spots in your office. Consider them as red alert zones. These may be the bathrooms, canteen, staircases, corridor, and elevators. Usually, in these places, you will always find a rush of employees. Consequently, there are high chances of infections spreading). Try to keep these areas extremely clean and hire staff to clean them very frequently. These steps will automatically reduce the risk of infections.
  1. Rearrange the office as per social distancing norms – Social distancing is a crucial aspect to follow for making your workplace safer against COVID 19 infections. You will have to rearrange the seats and cabins to keep a minimum of feet of distance between two seats to ensure everyone is safest in the place.

We understand that your work has been suffering due to the lockdown. You have to get back to work (and see those profits ringing again). But for this, the productivity and the workflow should increase. However, you will have to accept that this won’t happen at a rapid pace like before. Just give yourself and your employees some time to adjust to the new normal and let the profit start rolling in again slowly (yet steadily).

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