Building a Medical Marketing Plan for Your Business

It’s more important today than ever before, to ensure that your marketing plan is one that has been custom-tailored to meet the needs of your medical practice. An effective marketing plan is not one built from a list of randomly selected marketing concepts, and should not be an opportunity for trial-and-error. This is a lack of true strategy and direction is a prescription for frustration and ultimately marketing failure.

A true medical marketing plan is strategic. It is designed to meet the specific objectives of your business, over a set period of time. Consider this, would you build a new clinic without first developing and agreeing on the blueprints of the building? When you engage in reactionary marketing tactics without the development of a marketing plan, you are failing to develop the blueprints for your project success.

A properly planned and implemented marketing strategy is one that that is constantly assessed with the use of consistent and accurate tracking tools that help to evaluate the performance of the plan against set expectations. This level of evaluation ensures that ongoing adjustments can be made in order to improve the results seen.

The benefits of a medical marketing plan

An unfortunate reality for many medical practices is that they fail to work with a professional medical marketing agency such as Azuri Group. This can lead to them investing their resources in the wrong direction. Perhaps they engage in a social media campaign that doesn’t do much to bring actual patients to their front door. While social media campaigns do have their place and can see an improvement in traffic over time, a poorly managed campaign that doesn’t anticipate other marketing factors will simply not a success.
A well thought out medical marketing plan will allow you to anticipate, assess, prepare and establish a direction to follow. Having that blueprint for success is an essential tool for medical practices and hospitals.

Determining your target market

Target marketing is determined by algorithms on social media platforms. A professional medical marketer is going to use much more in-depth research and utilize many more tools to help you narrow down your target market.

Targeted marketing will allow you to better utilize your most important and valuable resources, which are your time and your money, in order to generate revenue for the business.

Your goal as a medical provider is to learn as much as you can about the patients that will best benefit from your services. The more that you know about your patients, the better position you will be in to make the right decisions that will allow you to best connect with them through your marketing strategy.

Who do you think will best benefit from your offered services? Consider the people, consider their personalities, consider their most common attributes. One of the best ways to do this is to take a look at your current and past patients. Determine what they needed and what benefits they received from your services. This will help you to gain insight as to how you can best market your medical practice.

Focus on the benefits of your services

While certainly patients are paying for the services that they are in receipt of, no one wants to truly feel as if they are buying a cosmetic procedure or braces. Patients will feel better about spending their money when they feel that there is a benefit from the procedure or service.

Some of the life and lifestyle improvements that they could be looking for include the following.

• Boosted productivity
• Relief of pain
• Restored confidence
• Positive changes in appearance
• Peace of mind

Essentially, the product or service being sold is happiness and confidence. This is what patients are looking for.

Don’t take your medical marketing strategy into your own hands. Work with seasoned professionals who know how to help you connect with your current and your prospective patients.