Best Time to Visit Brisbane, Australia

The Australian region can have the most erratic weather. It can be hot today and cold the next month, so you might want to know the Brisbane best time to visit. Make sure that when you make your trip, you are under a weather which most suits you while you partake in some of the best events in the area. It can make all the difference and help you have the most out of your vacation.

Best Weather in Brisbane

While there may be seasons or climates that are generally perceived as “the best”, it all comes down to personal preference. Some like it a little warm and humid while others enjoy a little drizzle here and there. Therefore, depending on what you want, the best season to visit Brisbane is completely up to you. Make the best-informed decision by learning what the weathers are throughout the entire year.

Summer (December to February)

With an average temperature between 31-33 degrees Celsius, the region can get really humid and it keeps on growing especially when there is an impending storm. They can be quite common and are accompanied by thunder, lightning, and a heavy downpour. While they don’t really last too long, it can get disruptive with your travel plans. It is a concoction of wearing thin clothes when the temperature is searing and bringing an umbrella for the unexpected downpour.

This weather is not the most ideal if you want to make the most out of your trips. However, the month of February is the start of the Brisbane Comedy Festival. It is an event that draws major Australian and international comedians. An average of 40 comedians make an appearance and the venue has always been the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse.

Autumn (March to May)

A period between summer and winter, autumn is the generally the best time to visit Brisbane Queensland. Its neither too warm nor too cold with a temperature of between 15-25 degrees Celsius, even the humidity is at a great balance. March and April tend to be on the warmer side while May tends to be cooler as it makes way for the approaching winter. Nevertheless, no matter what month you are in, there is a great balance in the weather. Be able to go out while wearing comfortable clothes, and while the chances of rainfall are minimal, it doesn’t hurt to bring an umbrella just in case.

Along with the nice weather are three major events you can take part in. The Brisbane Comedy Festival stretches all the way to March. The Paniyiri Greek Festival occurs on the third weekend of May and it is an event to discover and appreciate the Greek culture. It is a celebration of color, dance, and tradition which has long turned into an annual tradition in the Brisbane area. If you are into food and wine, the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival falls in May during the Labor Day weekend.

Winter (June to August)

At 11 -21 degrees Celsius, the winter season in Brisbane is not going to be freezing cold. As a result, it is an extension of the best time to visit Brisbane Queensland. It is the most ideal season to visit tourist attractions especially when they are within city limits, which most of them are. Whether you are travelling by bike or foot, you will find this weather comfortable and relaxing. You can also feast your eyes on the blue skies since the chances of rain fall are very small.

One of the best seasons can get even greater by being accompanied with two major events. The first is the Brisbane Marathon Festival which is a 43km long run which attracts runners from every state and over 24 countries. Whether you intend to run or not, it is still a sight to behold, it’s like a different version of the Olympics which has festivities that you can enjoy. On the other hand, the Ekka runs for 10 days and it is a Royal Intercolonial Exhibition. To put it simply, it is a mixture of carnival rides, agricultural shows, and fashion parades.

Spring (September to November)

The remnants of the Winter season, Spring still comes as a great time, if not the best season to visit Brisbane. There is an increase in temperature as it approaches summer, but nothing too unpleasant. Along with it is the increase in humidity as well which means more rainfall, but the chances are still slim. Nevertheless, it is wise to bring an umbrella as you comfortably stroll around and accomplish your trip itinerary.

There are two festivities that you should keep your eye on during this season. The first is the grandest of them all throughout the entire year, it is the Brisbane Festival. Taking the name of the area, you can expect that it is going to be the best that there is. It lasts for three whole weeks in September and is made up of long running theatrical performances along with the best pyrotechnics and fireworks. If alcohol is your thing, then you surely shouldn’t forget about Oktoberfest that spreads on two exciting weekends. To give an insight on how big this event is, it is labelled as one of the top 10 Oktoberfests outside of Germany.

Whether you are looking for warm or cold, there is a weather that is going to cater to your taste in Brisbane. While you come for the season, you stay for the events. There is surely a lot to enjoy in the area and now you know what they are. Plan your next trip and see the wonders that Brisbane, Australia holds.