Best WordPress Plugins: 5 Must Have Plugins for WordPress & SEO

Believe it or not, WordPress has more than 50,000 plugins!

Best WordPress Plugins 5 Must Have Plugins for WordPress & SEOFrom improving features and functionality to making your website design pop, there are tons of reasons for installing plugins.

By installing plugins tailored to your website’s purpose, you will save design and build time, be able to customize features, be able to fix bugs, and so much more.

But here’s the catch: not everyone knows what the must-have SEO plugins are. Ask any experienced search marketing agency and they’ll provide you with an answer. However, that can be a long conversation, albeit unique to the challenges of your business.

So, to save a whole lot of time, we’ve put together a list of five must-have SEO plugins for WordPress SEO; regardless of your business model or nature. If you don’t fancy having a long conversation with a digital marketing agency or are on a fact-finding mission before you contact the digital professionals, be sure to read below.

1. Yoast SEO & Rank Math

According to Vikas from Inbound Media, who are SEO Services experts,  Yoast SEO plugin and Rank Math are the two best SEO plugins out there to help you with search engine optimisation.

Though you need to use these tools smartly to rank better. Here is a full guide to use this plugin wisely.

For the purpose of this article, we have gone for Yoast SEO as it’s definitely suited to the beginner WordPress developer. This WordPress plugin provides real-time page analysis to help you optimise page content, meta descriptions, keywords, titles, and images. You can even use the plugin to tell Google to NOT optimize a page or set of pages.

Yoast SEO has a wealth of functions that dive beyond the standard SEO fare. You can analyse the readability of your copy by checking sentence structure and length, discover where to put subheadings and even understand whether you’re using the passive voice too often. In addition to this, you can generate URLs automatically, create readable XML sitemaps and track how often keywords appear in your copy, and much more.

Get Yoast Premium for $69 per site. Alternatively, you could choose the free-to-use version which is constantly updated with new releases.


2. Jetpack by

As an official WordPress plugin, Jetpack takes care of website security, performance, marketing and so much more. If you need to speed up pages, improve security or manage core WordPress functions, Jetpack has you covered.

By installing Jetpack, you will also enjoy real-time website backups, restoring to a previous point in just one click or cloning and migrating your website to a new hosting service with ease. Jetpack will also automatically search for malware and other code threats with it’s basic security extension too.

But there’s more. Jetpack has partnered with Google AMP to create the best, top performing all-in-one WordPress toolkit. Building a modern, fast website has never been easier. You can customize your site search to help you visitors find what they’re looking for and buy more frequently.


3. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

The more content you create, the more difficult it can be to keep on top of your website’s functionality. This is where tools like broken link checkers can help.

Broken links harm user experience and the authority of your website in the eyes of Google. Think about it this way, when was the last time that you felt anything other than frustration or annoyance, even if it’s only a tinge, when you clicked on a link only to discover it’s broken. Has a broken link ever made you feel good?

By installing a broken link checker, you can automatically scan your website’s content for broken links and missing images. You could be in luck and never encounter one, but it’s highly unlikely.

Remember, if you encounter a problem with your site, so too will visitors.

A broken link checker can keep a watchful eye on your website, notifying you of any broken links. This helps you to concentrate on creating content without worrying about your site’s functionality.

Want to know the specifics of what a broken link checker does? Check out the four bullet points below:

  • Monitor links in posts, pages, comments, even custom fields
  • Detects links that don’t work
  • Provides the option to give broken links a different appearance in posts
  • Provides the option to prevent search engines from following broken links

A site littered with broken links will have a poor user experience – something that in the eyes of Google is a big no no! If you don’t want your site to be penalised and plummet down the rankings, you need to install a broken link checker plugin.

We found this great video on this topic. Checkout this video for more details –


4. MC4WP – MailChimp for WordPress

As with most things in life, website visitors have a shelf life. They visit once, maybe twice and perhaps never again. How can you ensure that you are maximising the value of your website traffic? By installing a plugin such as MailChimp for WordPress.

Every good blogger knows that to retain a captive audience, email marketing is essential. By offering valuable and free information to your visitors, the likelihood of them deeming you a subject matter expert is strong. By using MC4WP, you acquiring new subscribers to your mailing list is easy. Sure, you will need a Mailchimp account for this plugin to work. However, as the most used email marketing tool available, we will assume you already have an account..

The MC4WP plugin enables great-looking email sign-up forms and delivers seamless integration with Mailchimp via an easy to use guide. Whether you decide upon an exit pop-up or a more subtle sign-up form placed within your blog content, MC4WP caters for both options. What’s more, if you are using Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms, the Mailchimp for WordPress plugin also comes with seamless integration for these tools.

Say goodbye to begging visitors to join your mailing list and say hello to subtle and intuitive Mailchimp list management.

5. MonsterInsights

For any of you who is not technical, but still want to top-level data on traffic, engagement and overall performance, the MonsterInsights plugin is without a doubt the best plugin to handle Google Analytics. By properly connecting your website with Google Analytics, you will be able to find exactly how people find your website, what pages they visit and how each page on your website is performing. From bounce rates to overall ‘hang-time’ on particular content, the combined powers of MonsterInsights and Google Analytics are a marketer’s dream.

One of the best features of MonsterInsights is that all your most important data is shown directly within your WordPress dashboard. As any marketer or website developer will tell you, flicking between applications and dealing with multiple websites is a nightmare. As such, this tool is superb for bringing all your critical data together.

Once you get to grips with the data, you can then start to optimise your website. From increasing your traffic, revenue and subscribers to making the smallest of changes for improved performance, there is a reason why this plugin is used by over 2 million websites.

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