Australia Importing Metro Coaches “Made in India”

Australia will be importing 450 coaches from India over a period of next two and half years.

Indian metro import to Australia

The first batch of six coaches has already been shipped to Australia from Mumbai, India’s financial capital city.

“This is the first shipment of the planned 450 coaches that will be exported to Australia over two and half year period,” Shipping Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

India has done good job with the delivery of coaches and Australian authority seems to be happy with the first batch. The coaches are 75 feet long and weigh 46 tonnes each, requiring a superior and highly specialised loading operation with a high degree of precision.

“Mumbai Port holds supremacy in handling of over-sized precious cargo,” the shipping ministry said.

The relations between the two countries seems to be getting better. Nuclear Deal, Increasing immigration of Indians in Australia and now increasing trend of imports from India, all of them are good signs of positive relations between the two countries.

As the mutual relationship strengthens, the chances remains positive that Australia may show softer side in the immigration rules implementations on Indians applying for visitor, work or student visa in Australia.

Indian has been at the top spot recently in regards to the immigration to Australia from any other country. Australia surely understands that its making a positive contribution to the Australian economy and would surely not want to disrupt this ongoing relationship.

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Allan John

Allan John

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