6 Tips for a Productive and Safe Workplace

6 Tips for a Productive and Safe WorkplaceProductivity and safety in the workplace often work hand in hand. The safer and more streamlined business operations are, the more productive your workforce tends to be. It’s imperative that your business premises are a safe and secure environment for both employees and visitors alike, so let’s look at some key tips to ensure your workplace remains up to standard.

#1 – Include Risk Management In Your Business and Operations Plans

Every Australian business, no matter how large or small, should focus attention on risk management if a safe and productive workplace is to be accomplished.

Effective risk management focuses on determining potential risks, so you are aware of the risks associated with your business and can therefore make plans to avoid those risks or at least minimise them.

Risk management is one of the key steps business owners can take to make certain the workplace is compliant with workplace health and safety standards, along with helping to guarantee no business downtime or a loss of profits.


#2 – Install Software To Help Monitor Workplace Health and Safety

A work health and safety management system in the form of dedicated computer software will simplify the process and lighten the workload.

Whether someone in your organisation is tasked with risk management and workplace health and safety full time or not, dedicated software is a must for any business that’s medium to large-sized. The software will help monitor your business and its processes, as well as delivering analysis and reports. If an incident occurs, you can report the incident to the appropriate department instantly via the software.

#3 – Safety and Productivity Depend On Quality Staff Training

As mentioned in the introduction, both workplace safety and business productivity often go hand in hand. The better trained your employees are, the more productive they’ll be when it comes to accomplishing their job roles. Quality training in the use of various equipment will also make your workplace that much safer.

To be certain your business is compliant with workplace health and safety standards, everyone needs to be fully aware of what those standards are so they can comply with them.

Be sure the workplace has all the equipment required to make the roles of employees easier. This reduces the risk of physical injury, or accidents happening due to fatigue from over-work.

#4 – Put In Place Appropriate Signage

Signage could be a temporary sign placed to indicate a wet and slippery floor, or it could be permanent signage that constantly acts as a reminder to staff members, such as switching off machinery when it’s not being used or proper sanitation in the company bathrooms.

Human beings are often forgetful, so you can never have too many signs around the workplace to help prompt peoples’ memories.

#5 – Encourage Staff Feedback

Your employees are your eyes and ears on the ground. Each member of staff likely performs a different job role within the company as well. Business owners and managers would be well-served to always encourage employees to come to them with any feedback or concerns they may have. This should also include complaints about any form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

Maintaining open channels of communication and feedback will go a long way towards ensuring your business is compliant with the law, is a safe and enjoyable place to work, and that company processes and operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

#6 – Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

Fire safety is always a concern in any business and your premises should be equipped with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers at the very least. However, having fire extinguishers on hand and easily accessible is only going to prove effective if everyone knows how to use them.

Staff should be fully trained in fire safety, including instructions on how to operate a fire extinguisher. Having the ability to extinguish a fire quickly could be the difference between a minor fire and a major blaze.

Also, having an evacuation plan in the event of a fire and establishing a safe assembly point should be something that every business has in place as well.

In Conclusion

With some focus and due diligence, it’s not that difficult to ensure a safe and productive workplace for everyone.

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