5 Reasons Beverage Industry Loves Typographic Logos

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From Coca Cola to Dr Pepper and more, almost all beverage makers show a strange affection towards typography logo.

Why almost every beverage logo has a typographic element in it?

Or more precisely, why you must understand the mechanics behind their decision to use typography if you’re looking to invest in the drink company logos? Here we’ve selected some key reasons why typography logos are the all time darling of beverage companies. Come, let us walk you through each of them before you head over to place your order for drink logos.

1. Memorability

One of the prime reasons for using typography in beverage logo their feature of being memorable by the masses.

Just ask yourself why you more often ask for a Coke than Pepsi when eating out in a restaurant? That’s because your mind can easily suggest those words very alluringly printed on the bottle, cans and various type of products that Coca Cola offers.

On the other hand, Pepsi does have an iconic abstract logo but nobody would ever recall it until he’s familiar with the brand’s name already. So, you should follow this trick when investing into your drink company logos.

2. Personalization

When we talk about drink logos, we’re talking about companies using different marketing tactics to promote their colas. And to attain their objectives, they introduce different products and invest on branding campaigns.

Now, if their logo design isn’t very friendly according to their marketing, their campaigns would fail to derive the desired results. This is where having typography in their beverage logo design helps them in pulling off the whole marketing plan in such effortless manner.

When you seek to invest into the drink company logos, do consider this point for your beverage logo.

3. Legibility

As we mentioned above, typographic logos have a tendency of being remembered in comparison to their other counterparts such as abstract or emblem logos. They’re also very reader friendly when it comes to introducing a new brand with a tricky name.

Once you’re able to make your brand readable (via its logo) you’ve won the game. That’s another key reason why companies tend to use typography in their beverage logo when working on the branding plan.

4. Branding

For any product, it is extremely important to build a brand recognition and typography logos make this an easier part of the whole marketing drill.

With a nicely designed beverage logo (having typography element in them), you can easily up your cola’s branding game. Not only that, you can lead in the competition with a readable and memorable typography logo design.

5. Attention

There are countless drinks having a market presence and if you’re launching a new one, you’ll get a tough competition introducing yours. You can grab more eyeballs with typography infused into your beverage logo design speed up your branding objective attainment tasks. Using a typography logo makes it easier for you to get your brand noticed amongst various, famous, products due to its easy readability and memorability.

Comment below and let us know your motivations to use typography into the beverage logo designs.

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