10 Education Knowledge and Skills for the Jobs of the Future

We live in a global economy of accelerating change and an ever-changing employment market; where thanks to technology, new industries are constantly being created while old ones become obsolete. Reports show that over 50% of future jobs don’t even exist yet. And, with the workforce and our knowledge base rapidly evolving, employers’ expectations from prospective employees have also shifted. There are many organisations such as yourtown, which provides compassion, education, and understanding for young people. The more traditional skills that were once sought after are no longer in demand. Here are the must-have skills to survive and thrive in the future employment market:

1.   Entrepreneurship

While computers and AI can solve dynamic equations, they still can’t create original content like coming up with multi-million dollar start-up ideas. This requires individuals with entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurship requires a strong understanding of the market or industry, adaptability in business, and innovation. Individuals with a strong understanding of business and how it works will continue to be essential to businesses in the future.

2. Strong Communication Skills –Written and Oral

Most people can claim to have communication skills. But effective communication isn’t just about proper use of grammar and language as it extends to thinking clearly. While you may have the most innovative and brightest idea, it can be lost if you fail to communicate it clearly. Effective communication skills mean you can present your arguments persuasively, inspire others, promote yourself or a product, and capture the highlights of your ideas. Luckily, there are several comprehensive courses, online and in-class, that can help you boost your communication skills.

3. Assessing and Analysing Information

Information and data are constantly being used to make business decisions and build strategies. Modern technology has made it easier to access information; however, our access to misinformation has also increased. Moreover, information is constantly evolving as people update their knowledge base. For this reason, assessing and analysing information accurately are important skills for future jobs. Having these skills will give you the knowledge and power to be part of the decision-making process.

4. Digital Literacy

Technology has become part and parcel of our day-to-day lives. And, as technology advances, so does the need for more advanced technical skills to keep up with future jobs. Some of these skills are gained from regular use of technology while others such as coding and computational thinking are learnt. Technology is ever-changing, and keeping up with it is one great way to future-proof your career. Plus, the more up-to-date you are with digital literacy, the more valuable you’ll be in implementing and maintaining technology.

5. Emotional Intelligence

There’s a common misconception that successful people must be cold and emotionless. The truth is, emotions help make people who they are. It’s important for people to learn how to confront and control their emotions so that they are expressed appropriately in a work environment. Plus, emotional intelligence will help you learn how to manage other peoples’ emotions, allowing successful communication in the workplace.

6. Cloud Computing

As the world rushes to make the transition to the cloud, companies are looking for individuals with the skills to accommodate the demand. Some of the recommended courses to help you acquire cloud computing skills include Cloud Computing: Networking, AWS for Architects: Advanced Security, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Developers.

7. Artificial Intelligence

The age of artificial intelligence is here and it’s disrupting all manner of industries. Those who fail to embrace AI skills risk being left behind. Some of the recommended courses to help you keep up include Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Classification Modelling.

8. People Management

Command-and-control leadership skills are a thing of the past. The world now wants leaders who can lead with a purpose by coaching, motivating, inspiring, engaging, and empowering employees to do more, all while creating a more welcoming work environment. These are important skills for future managerial jobs, which, unfortunately, few professional posses.

9. UX Design

User experience (UX) is all about improving user satisfaction by enhancing the accessibility, usability, and the pleasure provided when users interact with a certain product or service. This skill is pretty much what makes the digital world work for humans.

10. Analytical Reasoning

Knowing what to do with all the big data is proving crucial. Employers will want individuals who can make smart decisions based off of vast arrays of data. A great way to improve your analytical reasoning skills is by learning decision-making strategies and executive decision-making.