4 Tips to Get More Cash When Selling Your Old Car for Scrap

Selling Your Old Car for Scrap

It is quite easy to dispose of your junk car since all you need is just a phone call away. Make a call to your preferred junkyard, have your old car towed there and you don’t have to be present there to receive your cash at hand since they will check your car and send you the money. However, the scrap car can give you the most cash if you employ the right strategy of selling it. Though this may take you some time to be realized, it is worth it. This article will give you some insights on how to sell your car for scrap in order to make the most money.

1. Find out the value of your car

There are sites that offer ideas on how to check your car worth when selling as a used car. For instance, you can use Craigslist among other classified sites to get an estimated value of your car. This value is determined by the manufacture year of your car, model as well as its make. It is worth noting that these sources provide ideas for vehicles that are roadworthy which may not be the exact value you expect from Junkers while selling junk cars for scrap.


2. Research Junkyards That Offer the highest bid for Old Junk Cars

Once you are done checking the worth of your car, find out the best market for your scrap car. Different junkyards offer different rates for junk cars. Make calls to a number of metal recyclers in order to compare their offer. Of course, you want to sell your old car to that car removal company that will offer you the best compensation. Before settling on the company to sell to, remember to inquire about other miscellaneous costs like towing fee. A number of companies will tow your old car for free but others place the cost on you. Therefore, if your goal is to make most cash, you may opt not to choose a company where towing is not free.


3. Strip Some Parts or Items for Resale Online

In as much your car may be old and scrap, there still may be some parts that are still quite valuable. Before you hand over the entire car to the junkyard, check what you can sell for yourself and generate more cash than selling it alongside the scrap car. For instance, depending on the car model you have, things like the battery, jack and spare tire, stereo, speakers among others may be valuable. Selling these items individually you can be able to set prices for each item and realize a higher amount than selling them with the scrap car.

The most appropriate way of selling them is selling online. On the value, you place on each item remember to include shipping fee if you choose to pay for it or let the customer pay for the shipping cost upon delivery. This way you are likely to realize the maximum profit.


4. Make your junk car drivable to maximize on profit

To sell a car to scrap for cash is a good idea as we have discussed earlier. However, this is for those people who are in a hurry to get the cash at hand or are finding the scrap car a bother filling up their driveway space. However, if you can afford little patience and take time to fix the junk car to make it drivable that can earn you almost double the cash for scrap metal.

Bottom line

Being old does not make your car worthless. As we have discussed you can make the best out of your junk car, only employ the right procedure to do so.