10 Best Productivity Tools to Better Work from Home

10 Best Productivity Tools to Better Work from HomeWe all have 24 hours every day, and the actions we take within that timeframe defines how productive our day has been. Over time, many people have created and discovered simple strategies and tools to increase their productivity level within a limited time frame. Remote workers seem to feel the need to manage time more. Hence, many tools have been designed to help them attain the height of productivity they desire. These ten tools can help you do more while working from home.

Ten Productivity Tools for remote workers

1. Slack

Slack is a great productivity tool you can employ to encourage communication and collaboration within your team. It can achieve these feats using features like channels, messaging box, Slack connect, and the voice and video call options. You would appreciate this tool more when you are shuffling through hundreds of tabs searching for a document or scrambling through different apps to get one task completed. It can create integrations and connects with different apps to ease your work and save time. Slack also takes note of routine actions and automates them to get them off your desk!


2. Timenotes

You wouldn’t believe how much time you and your employers or team can save by working with this agency time tracking tool. Timenotes incorporates other time management applications like Github, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and others to enhance productivity. It automatically generates comprehensive reports and monthly timesheets on how team members utilized working hours to track areas of negligence and effectiveness. With this tool, users can enable time tracking by adding time logs to task forms or clicking the tracker start or stop button through the mobile app, web app, or browser plugin.


3. LastPass

You know how confusing it is when you have signed up on several social accounts with different passwords, and you need to log into one of the accounts. Well, most remote workers have faced similar challenges, and some have realized that LastPass has stepped in as a timely hack. This tool has an account management mechanism that provides a secure space for storing passwords, bank details, addresses, and other sensitive information. Imagine what it would be like to have a tool that generates strong and exotic passwords and still reminds you of them as necessary. LastPass does this and more. It helps when filling in your details in an online transaction form.


4. Coogle

Most of us know that it is unwise to jump into any project without understanding the details and related subjects. That’s because we are not familiar with the planning process. Having a tool like Coogle tackles this problem by simplifying the planning process to help you increase productivity. It is believed that when you have successfully broken down a subject or problem into bits, especially using a method called mind mapping, you are a lot closer to its solution. Coogle has significant flowchart features that ease mind mapping and generate practical charts on a subject to attain a productive goal.

5. Expensify

As a remote worker with many tasks to complete, filling out dates and price tags for purchases made can get quite tedious. Even as a team leader, manager, or business owner, you can get sick of tons of financial reports coming in and the unique reimbursement protocols in your establishment. Expensify beats down these processes by employing intelligent automation that scans receipts of expenditures made for faster and easier reporting and makes reimbursements within 24 hours through ACH Direct Deposit. When changes are made to the accounting system, Expensify automatically incorporates these changes to foster productivity.

6. Trello

The thing about teamwork is that not everyone gets into the details as you would want them to, reflecting on the final result of the project. With Trello, you can keep every member of your team active and aware of what is pending regardless of team members’ locations. This free task management tool offers cards that can be used to include details like comments and due dates to tasks, which can also be accessed at a glance due to its kanban layout. It contains features that aid the allocation of duties and has an inbuilt automation system that can help out with some tedious tasks.

7. Toggl

Let’s be honest; most remote workers battle with staying focused during designated work hours, which hampers their productivity rate. Toggl is a reliable time tracking tool that can be effective for individual and team time tracking. As a project management tool, Toggl contains features that can enable you to plan projects with ease, keep all team members informed, and deliver on time. Using Toggl as a team planning tool encourages accountability and communication amongst team members. Lastly, it can be used to manage the execution of tasks by rearranging them based on their order of importance. 

8. Avoma

No business person, manager, or team leader loves to experience a declining sales rate or to get poor reviews. Avoma is an efficient productivity tool that can push your sales rate with specific techniques like AI meeting assistance, conversation intelligence, and deal with collaboration. Avoma can be used to record, transcribe, analyze, and summarize the proceedings of a meeting. This creates a condensed focus on the customer’s needs and helps in supplying products and services tailored towards satisfying those needs.   

9. Asana

Asana is an essential project management tool that can help team leaders, managers, business owners, designers, and freelancers increase productivity per time. When you consider some limitations that come with working with a team, you will wish for some magical powers to ascertain what everyone is doing or has done at a certain time. Asana gives you access to this vital information without wasting time on long calls and chats or documents shared by each member. It allows other functions like allocation and organization of tasks with respective deadlines, defining work stages, and a summarised view of the team’s work progress.

10. Monday

This is a task management tool that allows you to control the planning and execution of projects in a single space for enhanced productivity. Monday has an easy setup procedure and offers lots of customizable and visual templates. Other necessary tools for completing a project can be synchronized into one space with just a few clicks to save time and create order. Speaking of saving time, Monday allows for the automation of repetitive tasks in a few seconds, which also goes a long way to promote an error-free job.


As a beginner, you have probably heard of the many reasons to embrace the option of working from home, like a comfortable workspace and flexible work hours. However, you will need to make some adjustments if you must stay productive while enjoying your new working pattern. Above are ten productivity tools to help you work from home better. Do you know any other tools that can help increase productivity?

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