Monotonous Workout Routine? 5 Fun Ways to Get in Shape

About 70% of adult Australians lead a primarily sedentary life. This is disastrous. Aside from costing the government billions every year, this lifestyle affects individuals in numerous ways. Low energy levels, poor weight management, and a higher susceptibility to disease are among the more common ones.

You might have the best intentions and even formulate a workout plan, only for it to quickly become monotonous. If this is often the case, finding fun ways to work out can solve the problem. Here are some suggestions.

1. Find a Team

From your neighbours, friends, and workmates, find a few like-minded people to form a workout group. This is important because of several things. Firstly, working out in a group will force you to be accountable. This will motivate you to keep going even when you don’t feel like it.

Secondly, it will allow for group activities, which are often more fun than doing planks by yourself. For example, you could engage in a team game such as basketball and include some of your friends or neighbours. If you have a bit of space in your backyard, depending on the space, one or two basketball hoops would make your backyard the neighborhood recreation center.

To take things to a new level, consider having two teams or find other groups to compete against. And if you are a real enthusiast, you might want to take this a notch higher by getting custom tees for your team, and play wearing jerseys like the pros.

2. Join a Dance Class

Whether you are able to break out some killer moves or have two left feet, dancing is a great exercise to take up. Moving to good music helps you work out multiple muscle groups simultaneously. And the good thing is that it can be a lot of fun.

Being in a class also brings camaraderie and some spills and laughs, which makes the whole experience enjoyable. To spice up your weekends, you can consider hosting dance parties in your backyard to involve the whole family.

3. Take the Stairs

This will not feel like much fun when you first start out. However, you can fit a good percentage of your daily workout into taking the stairs alone.

The fun part is tracking progress. Start with one flight, then two, and gradually increase how far up you go. Once you begin going up and down without much struggle, increase the number of times you do this in a day and your pace.

With any luck, this will become such a fun activity that you will start looking for competitive stair climbing events.

4. Hiking and Rock Climbing

If there are great outdoor spaces near your home, occasionally taking on a nature trail or a rock-climbing expedition can be a great way to get your heart rate up. You also get to enjoy the fresh air and amazing scenery.

The adrenaline rush that comes with rock climbing or traversing tricky terrain is enough to get and keep you going. You are unlikely to get bored as quickly as you would when running on the treadmill.

5. Cycling

A good power bike is all you need to get from home to work. The good thing about cycling is that it helps work out glutes, thighs and gets the heart rate up, which is always a good thing.

If you do not own a bike, look up bike-sharing programs in your locality. Cycling with the wind in your face is one sure way to enjoy a workout and cool down.

Get Creative

The key to a fun workout is creativity. Essentially, you need to find activities that increase your heart rate and stretch your muscles and ligaments. Any activity that fits this bill and that you can do repetitively qualifies for a fun workout. Be sure to punctuate these activities with some gym sessions as well to mix things up.

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