5 Benefits of Finding Student accommodations Near Monash University

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Australia’s Monash University is the largest in the country and is part of the prestigious Eight Group of institutions. QS Rankings put it at number 55 on the worldwide list of top universities. It has multiple campuses in Australia as well as other countries. It’s safe to say that one can’t go wrong with choosing this university to study.

While the choice of an education center is one thing, the choice of quality student residence is another. Providers like Iglu Student Accommodation have residential facilities close to the campus itself. They give you advantages similar to staying in an on-campus residential facility and one that’s outside.

Studying the Facilities for Their Benefits

The right student accommodation works to provide a proper environment for a student’s overall growth. It must create an atmosphere that enables good study while also taking care of other necessities. Those like Iglu Student Accommodation near Monash University are built to benefit students in all possible ways.

1. Rental Costs

Student life tends to be on the frugal side of financials. You’re likely working a job to help pay for rent and other necessities. So the lower the rent, the better your lifestyle will be. Unfortunately, low rent gets often accompanied by some compromises that could impact student life.

There are options close to the campus that let you experience quality accommodation without compromising on the amount you have to pay or the number of facilities you get to enjoy. These are present in areas that have rental prices matching a typical student’s budget.

2. Easy Transport

University campuses are usually present at some distance from the city centre. The cities ensure there is good connectivity to these campuses via crucial infrastructures like roads and public transport.

This facility aids students very much since their modest budgets allow for public transport to be the number one choice for commuting between the place of residence and the university campus. Other options, like bikes and taxis, are also readily available.

3. Plethora of Amenities

Student accommodation needn’t only consist of small spaces with the most basic of amenities. They can be sprawling premises that offer everything a student could need. These include stable internet, recreational zones and equipment, entertainment options like TV, spacious rooms with all necessary furniture, etc.

One can have all of these and more as a part of the entire package, or choose them as extras. They ensure that a student won’t have to manage their student life and accommodation problems.

4. Good Security

Safety is a priority both within and outside the campus. While universities have extensive security and penalty measures, the same can’t be said about the world outside them.

Quality student accommodations provide excellent security to students staying there via round-the-clock guards, CCTV cameras, alarms and sensors, visitor registration, etc. These measures help to protect students during their stay there.

5. Social Spaces

Social life is a great add-on to university life. Student accommodations have large and well-equipped social spaces like lounges and play areas that help students meet each other. This helps establish nurturing friendships and networks that can leave a lasting mark on their lives.

Student life at Monash University is an all-rounded one. Providers like Iglu Student Accommodation strive to recreate the same in their residential facilities.

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