What’s ON Brisbane in October 2019

 Brisbane is known for events, it’s a city of tours, events and celebrations. This metropolitan area offers something for everyone. The city centre provides a host of free events that include hiking, boating, snorkelling, yoga and literature.  This city is filled with museums, shopping venues and art galleries. Here is a list of six places to go for wildlife, polity, art and cinema :    

1)  Daisy Hill Koala Centre:  This conservation park will be open for an extra hour throughout summer from October 15th. The Koala Centre is open to the public from 7 am till 6:30 pm.  Wildlife officers conduct talks on Koala’s and their conservation from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. This park is situated 25 k.m from the city and is free to enter. Please do not handle and pet animals at the centre. 

2) Brisbane City Hall Exhibitions: The city hall hosts a series of exhibitions about bettering your life, crooner bands, Tai Chi, and Duet Opera. There is a Chinese cultural festival and a Celtic folk event upcoming in November. A comprehensive list of exhibitions and concerts is available on their website.

3)  Museum of Brisbane: The museum is located on the ground floor of the city hall and is known to host numerous tours, events and exhibitions. It has exhibitions on printmaking, women and art. They offer free tours on the city hall organ, women’s rights and also provide an after-dark tour of the city hall clock tower on Friday night. The museum has been recognised for its events on poetry, literature and modern art.

4) Sir Thomas Planetarium: Situated at mount Cooth Tha road, It is home to a 12.5-metre cosmic dome. The planetarium features informative shows on astronomy, science and even the possibility of extraterrestrial life. General entry is free to the planetarium but a ticket is required to watch shows at the skydome. The planetarium exhibits special shows for children. 

5) The Queensland Parliament:  The Queensland parliament conducts tours for the general public. Visitors can apply for the tour when the parliament is not in session.  The tour is allowed for 15 people maximum and lasts for 30 minutes. These tours are conducted from 1 pm to 4 pm and start from Parliamentary Annexe building, located at Alice street.  

6) King George’s Square: This square is home to events, flea markets, including the local Christmas celebrations. The Square will host INAS global games ceremony from 12th to 19th October. It will also be home to the local Diwali celebrations done by the Indian expat community.