Winter is here – Australia hit with super cold weather!

winter brisbane 2018

It’s cold and it is going to get colder. Australians, get your blankets and gather around bonfire because it is just started.

NSW is getting the worst hit. Severe weather warnings have been issued for New South Wales today as strong gusty winds with cold temperatures and showers are forecast. The Bureau of Meteorology said a complex low over the Tasman Sea was directing a “vigorous westerly airstream” over NSW.

winter Brisbane

Australians have packed on the layers as icy chills continue to blow across southeast Australia because of the cold front that’s been pushing through the Great Australian Bight since Wednesday.

The weather bureau has also warned the farmers that the animals especially lambs and sheep exposed to these extreme conditions can cause health risk to these animals.

The further drop comes after temperatures plunged across the country at the weekend, with the mercury falling below 10C in every capital except Darwin. Camden was one of the coldest places with temperature dropping to 0.2 degrees at 6am.

The Snowy Mountains were hit with about 60cm of snow and temperatures were below -5C.