Life Lessons – 5 Essential Life Skills To Teach Your Teenagers

Life Lessons - 5 Essential Life Skills To Teach Your Teenagers

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Teaching teens life skills doesn’t just make them independent, it also gives them the social and emotional skills they need to be successful in all areas of life. While many adults take for granted the life skills they possess, it’s important to realize that most of them needed to be taught at some point. These things aren’t always instinctive, so it’s your job as a parent or guardian to teach the teens in your life basic skills to be self-sufficient. Below, we cover the most important life skills every teen should learn.

How to Shop for Food and Essentials

While most teens have already learned the value of a dollar, they don’t always think before they buy. Impulse buying is still something they must overcome, so teaching a teenager how to shop for food, cookware sets, clothing, and other essentials not only teaches them positive decision-making skills but also encourages self-awareness and relationship building abilities. 

The easiest way to teach kids how to shop is to take them along with you and have them help choose the healthy foods the whole family enjoys. Be sure to discuss comparison shopping and why eating a balanced diet is so important to their overall wellbeing and success.

How to Cook

Grocery shopping and cooking go hand in hand, which is why the two should be taught together. Eating well contributes to emotional and physical wellbeing and should be a priority in your teen’s life. To teach your teenager this valuable skill, invite them into the kitchen to help plan and prepare meals and clean up afterward.

How to do Laundry

Teaching teens to do laundry is a life skill with many benefits. It teaches them to take care of their clothes and present themselves well. As a bonus, this chore helps with time management and organizational skills as well. 

When you teach your teen how to do laundry, start with the basics like sorting and why different fabrics require different care. Show them how to operate the washer and dryer as well as the importance of folding and putting away clean laundry.

How to Manage Money

Some of the biggest issues in life come from the mismanagement of money. You can help teens avoid these problems by teaching them how to budget for the things they want and how to save for the future. 

Before your child is even old enough for a part-time job, you can begin teaching money management by giving them an allowance. Encourage them to save a portion for the future while teaching them to make smart spending choices. As they get older and start working, their needs and wants will increase, which is the perfect time to teach the difference between instant gratification and saving for a rainy day.

How to Manage Time

Helping your teen learn time management gives them more control over their destiny while lowering their stress levels. You can teach teens time management skills by encouraging them to use a calendar to keep track of appointments and obligations. 

Time management smartphone apps are a great tool in this regard as teens are more inclined to use these than a paper calendar. Make sure your teen knows how to use the app and that they use it regularly to keep on top of their commitments. 

Teenagers need to learn basic life skills to be independent and confident. As a parent, you can use the list above to start teaching your teen all the things they’ll need to be successful in life. 

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