How to Successfully Find Your Dream Career in Brisbane

dream career in BrisbaneIt happens to the best of us. The dream job you have struggled so hard to achieve starts losing its shine. You become full of those nagging ‘what if’ thoughts. The desire to switch careers will hit everyone in different ways.

It is brought on by boredom for some, while others notice a shift in values or the requirement of a lifestyle adjustment. It can certainly be a disheartening move to call it quits and start another career with new people and a craft you might have not mastered yet. Here are some of the best tips we could find to make you ready for the transition and raise your odds of scoring your dream career.

Determine Your ‘Why’

Why are you looking to leave your current position? Have you been dissatisfied with your coworkers, the industry or the culture overall? Keep a diary for your work and note what’s making you unhappy and what motivates you for a week or two. This is sure to help you hone down the qualities you want in a fresh career and point out the talents you already possess. Tracking your successes turns out to be beneficial when it comes time to update resumes or prepare for job interviews as well.

What’s the End Goal?

Consider what you would want your new occupation to feel like. Are you set on changing your responsibilities but remaining in your current industry — or setting out on a fresh start in general? Draft out a wish list for your career and make another note of your acquired skills.

It is crucial to stay pragmatic regarding how a new job will impact your living situation. A role that demand regular travel might not be the best if you’re raising young children or have other routine engagements.

Appraise Your Assets

Using the leverage from your current career experience can allow the transition to be a lot simpler. The years of work experience you have might just be all you need to make a lateral move to another job with related skill sets.

No matter how big of a vocational change you’re executing, employers in every industry appreciate effective communication, problem-solving and creative thinking abilities. Listing such traits, with instances of where you’ve displayed them, will serve to clarify your intentions and help in preparing for an interview.

A Little Help From Friends

Quickly scan through your contact list. Do you see anyone who already holds a position in your dream career? Bring them out to enjoy a coffee and see if they’ll give you a sober rundown of what their work involves and what abilities they judge as most needed. A ‘warts and all’ strategy will make sure that your outlook is realistic. Getting in touch with someone in the business will jump-start a network that might help you land your dream job in the end.

Back to School

Do enough research to find out if you have to get more qualifications or recognition for previous training. You might have the chance to get credits for life experience or earlier qualifications. If it’s right for you, signing up for business administration courses is as easy as clicking a button! Even when you are not entirely ready to dive into the unknown, start sorting through job postings. They will provide you with a good sense of what qualifications are the standard in the industry.

Network, Network, Network

This is where you can flex that LinkedIn muscle. Build connections and watch influencers in your desired field. Read anything and everything they post — spread relevant columns and see if others will give you feedback. Be regarded as a person who’s engaged and passionate both online and in the real world.

Find out about meetups or information sessions and frequent lectures and conferences — do not be intimidated to start a conversation with someone. See if there are volunteer openings and give them a try. You can’t predict when you’ll be face-to-face with your future boss!

See How Your Happiness Has Changed

Regularly check in with yourself to see how you are feeling. Does this career move fill you up with excitement or dread? When you’re researching, does it feel like more homework or a passion project? Allow your research to bring you down uncharted territory and learn to ride that fine line between trusting your gut and using your head.