Graduation Goals – 5 Ways To Ensure Your Child Gets The Grades They Need

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It’s that time of year when parents of former year 10 students start to stress about how their child is going to deal with VCE. The final two years of secondary education can have a pretty decent influence over your child’s future, so this concern is understandable. However, your worry doesn’t need to be so intense. While you can’t carry them through SACs, exams, and the GAT, you can take certain steps to help ensure they get the grades they need.


Seek Help

Although you’ve been there, done that, you’re probably not up to date with the latest educational information, and you’d have to be superhuman to be an expert in every subject your child is going to take. Save yourself the stress of trying to help them with everything and get them online VCE tutoring for any subjects you don’t feel comfortable assisting with. It’s a small investment for your peace of mind and their success.


Get Real

Everyone learns differently, but most people will benefit from bringing their education into the real world. If you can find ways to work learning into everyday life, your child will be able to solidify and expand upon their knowledge. We’re not saying that everything has to be turned into an educational experience, but if your child asks for your help with anything, finding a way to showcase it or experiment creatively can be great for their progress.


Walk It Off

Regular exercise is vital for optimal mental functioning. Your child is probably going to be absorbed in their studies and social life for the next two years, so it’s important that you find a way to get them working out regularly. Getting them down to the gym might be a bit hard, but if you add an evening walk into your daily routine, you can use this as both workout and bonding time.


Eat Right

Another important factor that can influence how well our brains function is diet. If we’re not getting enough of the key nutrients our bodies need, our energy is focused on survival rather than progress. Ensuring that your child consumes a well-balanced diet that meets all of their changing body’s needs will go a long way toward helping them focus on what they’re learning.


Sleep On It

Doing your best to make sure your child gets enough sleep will greatly benefit them over the next two years. This aspect probably won’t always be under your control, but anything you can do to help your child get more sleep will help them out.

Getting enough sleep is vital for our mood, mental function, and overall health. Teenagers are hard-wired to sleep on a different schedule to the rest of the world, so don’t stress too much if they sleep in on weekends. As long as they aren’t displaying other symptoms that may point to a problem, this is completely normal (and even encouraged) for growing teens.

The final years of high school are stressful, not just for the kids completing their VCE, but also for the parents who only want the best for them. We completely understand your concerns as your child comes to the pointy end of their education, but at some point, you need to accept that whatever will be, will be, and their future can still be wonderful.

Employ the tips in this article, support your child as best you can, and try to enjoy the next few years. Soon enough, they’ll be off to uni or getting a job, and you’ll wish they were still in school.

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