Career Choices – 6 Fantastic Career Opportunities Your Accounting Degree Opens Up 

Career Choices

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Accounting may have a reputation as being a bit dry, but if you love numbers, it can open up opportunities in a range of fascinating roles. Instead of working in a small cubicle surrounded by filing cabinets, completing people’s tax returns, you could work for a big business, fight crime, or spend your days supporting your favourite sports team. Depending on your area of interest, here are six different career paths you could take:


Retirement Guru

The Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement has inspired people all over the world to focus on their retirement savings now in order to free themselves from a life of work. This means there has never been a better time to become a qualified SMSF accountant.

You could spend your days helping people diversify their investments into property, shares, Exchange Traded Funds, stocks, and bonds. There is something inherently satisfying in assisting other people to achieve their goals and plan a fantastic future.


Sports Accountant

If you are as obsessed with numbers as you are with baseball, soccer, or basketball, a career as a sports accountant might be for you. Someone has to make the call about the financial impact of trading various players while considering how fan reactions will impact the team financially. Sports accountants are also the ones who negotiate player salaries and ensure the team is profitable.



If you excel at statistics and are interested in evaluating risk and opportunity within the business world, you should consider becoming an actuary. Because this is a relatively complex area of specialty, there is a high demand for actuaries, and you can make a good salary. It is also a fascinating application of economic and financial analysis. Some fields that you could go into as an actuary include wealth management, insurance, and investment. Many actuaries work in operations for large financial institutions.


Accounting Software Designer

The world of work is evolving. We are becoming more reliant on software and automation and less on manual and administrative tasks. Get ahead of this trend by learning how to design accounting and workforce management software. This career direction allows you to combine your analytic side with your creative one as you figure out how to optimise the user experience.


Forensic Accountant

If you have been investing those long lockdown hours at home into some Netflix and chill time, then you might have been binge-watching the Ozarks. Rather than being inspired to join the mob (seems risky), why not consider becoming a forensic accountant or an anti-money laundering officer like Maya Miller? Forensic accountants dig up dirt on criminals, and their work is used to convict lawbreakers. You would be kind of like the Sherlock Holmes of numbers, scouring paperwork for clues.


Save the World

If you’re keen to have a positive impact on the planet, you might want to consider becoming an environmental accountant. With climate change and environmental regulations at the forefront of people’s minds, there is going to be an increasing demand for accountants who can use their love of numbers to analyse the potential environmental impact from government or business projects or changes in regulations.

You could also consider working at a not-for-profit organisation such as World Vision, the Samaritans or the Australian Red Cross. Whichever you choose, you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you were giving back to society at the same time as you earn a living.

An accounting degree opens up a vast world of opportunity to take your career into a field that is fascinating, lucrative, and fulfilling. Now, you simply need to decide which direction is right for you.

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