A New Music Spectacular Celebrating Australian Singer Songwriters

“A great song yearns to become timeless. Great things are not disposable. They last forever.” – On Song International

On Song International brings unforgettable music experience to cities, regions and remote corners of Australia.

On Song International, a music platform for Singer Songwriters, offers Australians the chance to hear and be heard, with a rich tapestry of musical experiences designed to uncover and empower young musicians, and create world-class music.

On a mission to create the next MTV, On Song International is putting homegrown singer-songwriters front and centre in their new television series, which began filming in Brisbane on 3rd June. The show was a huge hit, where talented featured artists performed in front of a huge audience.

Australian singer songwriters

Artist: June Low performing at On Song International TV show

June Low, one of the featured artists who performed on stage says “What an honour to be a part of this pilot TV show and share my songs. It’s a great platform for new artists like us”.

The brainchild of music veteran Ken Kunin and Entrepreneur Keith Blair, On Song International is not your typical talent show. This is a TV show promoting independent singer songwriters to a Global Stage.

On Song international tv show

Ken Kunin hosting On Song International TV show on 3rd June, 2017 at Judith Wright Centre

“On Song Australia as a concept comes down to the artistry of singer-songwriters. Too much of music and TV has become a karaoke contest spectacle,” said Co-Founder Ken Kunin.

On Song International is passionate about working with homegrown singer-songwriters to inspire creativity, ignite artistic potential and collaborate on musical projects that live on long after the final notes have sounded.

“I’m passionate about creating transformative musical experiences for audiences throughout the country and around the world. I want to help the next generation of artists thrive.”- Ken said.

“To our many participants, artists, partners and communities, thank you for being part of this amazing journey”

On Song International set out to create a genuine, performance-based documentary series where songwriters of all ages could share their original material with music lovers worldwide.

If you’re an artist, why not register Now with On Song International to get a chance to be featured on this music spectacular. For Media enquiries, contact Ken Kunin – kk@onsongaus.com