Moving House or Office? Tips to Get Ready For a Move.

packing boxes BrisbaneYou need to move as your lease is up. Or you are wanting to by a new home. Most people, let’s face it, hates to move. The thought of packing and moving is just daunting and hard work.

If you are prepared ahead of time, packing can be not so bad. It will give you a chance to have a good clean out and de-clutter and get rid of items you no longer need.

If you are using a removal company, some are cheaper if you move earlier in the week from Monday thought to Thursday. Try and book for the first job of the day. That way should they be stuck on another job before yours, you won’t need to be waiting on them. Book in as early as you can on the day you would like to move.

Have a plan.

Aim to be ready a day or two before the removal truck arrives. That way, should something go wrong and you need to concentrate on something else, you have this time up your sleeve. As we all know the moment you are busy, that is when things happen and go wrong, when you don’t really have the time to deal with it. For example: If you are expecting bad weather on the day.  Or it could be  a accident in the family. Having this extra time will give you the peace of mind.

Source your cardboard boxes and packing boxes and supplies. Having the right boxes and packaging supplies will help make the job a lot easier and will help prevent damage. While your items are in transit. Good strong cardboard boxes will not only stack well, these can also be used multi times if you tend to move a lot.

This will save you money down the track. As it will save you buying them again and again. Butchers paper is great for wrapping your kitchen items. Like plates and glasses, we recommend not using newspaper for this and the ink tends to rub off onto your items and your hand. Making the process messy. Use Newspaper for filling the gaps in your boxes. Have a free wall or garage empty so you can stack your boxes out of the way.

Call on family and friends to help. Even if its to watch your kids while you are packing.

Check to make sure your furniture will fit into your new home prior to the move if you can. Not only where you are going to place it. Also getting it through the doors and up the stairs. Nothing worst then trying to fit something through the door that just does not fit.

When it comes to packing your boxes, mark these clearly as to where you want them. If you can have a spreadsheet on your computer with the items in each box, don’t over fill the boxes and make sure  you have good quality packing tape to seal the boxes. This will save the bottom of the box coming open and all your items coming out over your feet.

Being prepared  is the key to a easy move for all. Have all your electrical items unplugged and packed as much as possible. If you can put all your boxes and items in the garage or somewhere that the removal company has easy access to. If you have any dangerous good like chemicals, let the removal company know..

Have a back up plan just in case. If you are using a removal company check to see what happens should there be a bad storm on the day. You maybe having to wait on settlement from the banks. Check everything the day before and make sure you will be right to move on the day.