How to Choose the Right Housemate

find housematesAs much as living alone sounds like a rock star lifestyle, there are various times in our lives when this is not feasible, and choosing a flatmate is a necessity.

House sharing can form friends for life, be a crazy whirlwind of emotions or a strange and painful experience. Whichever way it goes, you need to make sure you know exactly what you are looking for in a new flatmate.

Implementing some basic housemate filters can make a drastic difference in the flatting experience, and save you from all sorts of disasters.

Royden from Property Managers Brisbane believes there are simple ways to cipher through the list of applicants, and help you chose the one most suited to you. We’ve covered some more tips for you so you can find your ideal housemate-

  1. The first and most important thing to do is write a wish list. What qualities in a flatmate are a must. You need to think about the lifestyle you live, and find someone that fits in with that. Consider your work schedule, partner, chores and what you do in your downtime, as a similar schedule means a harmonise living environment.
  2. Do you like a quiet home or a party hub? Do you like the house filled with people, or prefer the company of yourself? Do you want to make close friends with your potential flatmate, or only give each other a slight smile as you walk out the door?
  3. Secondly, you need to filter potential flatmates through calls or meetings, before making a decision. Someone can lie about themselves online to appeal to your requirements, however meeting in person will give you an understanding on their personalities
  4. It is a smart idea to have a phone call before meeting up with potential flatmates, mainly for safety but also to not waste your time. Call them and ask questions based on the qualities you listed on your wish list. This way you can rule out those who don’t have the same ideas as you, and schedule a face to face with those who do.
  5. As creepy as it sounds, give them a Facebook and Instagram stalk to see if they do really ‘love being at home on a Saturday night’ like they said, before you schedule a meeting.
  6. Meeting in a public place for the first time is a safe and smart idea. Meeting for a coffee or a drink first is a safe way to get to know the person, without putting yourself at risk.
  7. Once you have filtered through potential option, it is a good idea to discuss lifestyle and monetary questions.
  8. Without being too evasive, ask them key financial questions like what are you currently paying? Do you have other financial commitments such as a car lease or student loans? What position they are in at their job? These kinds of questions gauge the person’s responsibilities and financial stability to be able to pay rent on time.
  9. Secondly, ask them lifestyle questions, as most household dramas come from dramatically different lifestyle choices.
  10. Most important is asking them what their cleaning routine is, nothing is worse than coming home to a messy house, when you prefer a spotless one. Next, ask them what their work schedule is like, what days do they have off? Do they like staying at home watching movies, or being out on an outdoor adventure? Are they vegetarian or enjoy a big cook up on the barbeque?
  11. Asking these basic lifestyle questions will eliminate potential fights over the TV or disagreements over cooking. After all these questions and comments it ultimately comes down to who you feel most comfortable around. After all your questions have been answered, choose someone who most closely fits with your ideals and whose company you genuinely enjoyed.