7 Things Not to Say to Your Boss

In order to keep your job and have a successful career, we all need to impress our boss and keep them happy. It can be a strained relationship between a boss and an employee. When in this situation, one must always keep up a strong work ethic and avoid saying things that may lead to the loss of their job.

1. “That’s Not My Job”

The idea that you are above the work that your boss sets for you is a sure fire way of irritating your boss, and creates an unhealthy workplace environement. If your boss asks you to do something, it is your top priority to complete what has been set. If you decide to argue this work, or you feel like this isn’t a part of your job, I can guarantee that someone will be waiting to take your job.

2. Making Excuses and Wasting Time

Giving your boss pathetic reasons as to why you couldn’t do something is definitely going to aggravate them. Especially if you have been wasting your time by checking Facebook and other forms of media. Not only have you not done the task required of you, but you are wasting your boss’ valuable time.

3. “I Can’t Do That”

Telling your boss that you can’t do something shows many characteristics of your poor work ethic. It is understandable that not everyone can do everything. However, saying that you can’t do something shows a lack of initiative and a poor attitude to challenges that work presents.

4. “I Don’t Have Time”

In today’s modern workplace, everyone is busy. However, if your boss asks you to do something, it is your job to make time and make sure that the task is complete.

5. “I Don’t Care”

I don’t care about my work. I don’t care about this job. I don’t care about this company. Saying that you don’t care, and that you are only there for the money will most likely insult your boss. It would be very tough to regain the trust and respect of your boss after saying something like that.

6. Asking For Time-off Without Due Notice

In some instances this can be acceptable. However, taking recreational time off, without due notice, can negatively affect your co-workers, and ultimately your boss. You will create more work for other people who already have an extremely busy schedule

7. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

The attitude and tone that your direct towards your boss is possibly the most important aspect of what you should never say to your boss. It not only can change the meaning of what you are saying but it openly portrays your manner towards your work.