Office Romance – What You Need To Know

The majority of people would spend the best part of their week at work, where you are surrounded by the same group of people, five days a week. In these circumstances the temptation for an office romance can be unbearable. At a glance, it can look like a good idea. Being in a relationship with a co-worker can spice up the day, and make the working day a bit more tolerable. However, there are many other factors and ‘what if’ situations that need to be considered before starting an office romance.

The Break Up

By far the most obvious of reasons not to have an office romance, a break up can make the working day very uncomfortable. The office is a limited space, so there are bound to be many awkward encounters between former partners. The two former lovers are not the only members of the office that are affected by a split. It is very likely that friendship groups can break down as a result of a break up.

The Balance

Being a part of a workplace relationship can have a detrimental effect on your social life, for the reason that your work and social life will slowly form together. It is healthy and important to have a separation between these two aspects. However, an office relationship draws them closer together, especially if you are living together. Eventually it can feel like work never ends.

Deadlines. Meetings. Bills. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. There are plenty of distractions as it is at the office, let alone having your partner constantly around you. Not only does it affect the standard of your work, it can hold back your career. Becoming an inefficient worker can cost you the promotion of your dreams. The promotion that could change your life.

The Problem with Promotions

A promotion can put a great deal of tension and pressure on an office relationship. If you were to get promoted, there is a very real possibility that you will have to give the orders and become the person your partner answers to. The other possibility is that if your partner gets a promotion and the situation is reversed. The strain that a relationship would go through in that scenario would be immense.

By all means, if you think that none of these problems will affect you and your potential partner, than go ahead and have an office romance. These are just some potential barriers that may have to be overcome to have a successful relationship.