5 Essential Tips to Land a Career in Construction

Many sectors of the workforce have been heavily affected this year. However, the construction industry is still one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in Australia.

If you are interested in landing a job working construction, there are many positive aspects to keep in mind, and with the property market still very active, job opportunities are pretty much everywhere. Skilled workers, engineers, designers, architects and project managers are always in high demand.

If you feel you have more ambition than qualification, here are a few tips to help you better decide what path to take in the construction industry:

1. Get proper certification

Working in the construction industry requires skill. There is no other way around it. Of course, on-site training is a must, but many job openings will require pre existing experience or at least a form of certification. 

Jobs in construction range from low-pay unskilled jobs to high-paid jobs that require formal training. This is traditionally achieved through technical schools or apprenticeship programs. But 2020 brings other, more efficient, alternatives.

Orienting yourself towards an online platform providing building and construction courses will help you gain more information and develop your skills. Trained professionals will share their experience and guide you through various fields of the industry, solidifying the foundation for your future career.

2. Decide which trade suits you best

Trades are very diverse and include fields such as roofing, plumbing, welding, bricklaying, tiling, carpentry along with many others. It is very important to choose the one you think you could excel in. 

Take into consideration your skills, interests, and a sum of job expectations such as annual salary, the possibility of advancement and even the job market, when making your decision. Are you available to work odd hours? Are you keen on manual labor? Will your job require a lot of traveling? These are questions to consider before submitting your application. 

3. Be open to mentorship

If you have any questions regarding a task or what is expected of you, it is in your best interest to ask for guidance. Remember that when given directions by one of your colleagues and especially by one of your superiors, it usually has to do with safety precautions or it might be the most efficient way to complete an assigned task. 

Ignoring the instructions and carrying on with completing the task your own way, may put you or your team at risk. If you have a different approach on handling an operation, address it to those directly in charge. New solutions are found everyday, but they require consultation and testing in a controlled environment.  


There is place for creativity even within the construction industry, but make sure to take advantage of the field wisdom and experience of older professionals. After all, efficiency is top priority for everybody involved.

4. Keep a positive attitude

Construction work is a dangerous field; this is why ensuring an environment that encourages strong professional relations amongst the workers plays a key role in maintaining staff retention. Regardless of the career path you chose, maintaining a positive attitude will be one of your most valuable assets, along with punctuality and flexibility.

Working within the industry will likely involve changing locations and learning other specific trades in a relative short period of time. Displaying a flexible attitude will considerably raise your chances of remaining attached to the project until its completion and ensures future work with the same employing team. 

A reputable reputation is essential when working in the construction industry. Make sure to always be on time, deliver on the agreed delivery date and do not hesitate to address any issue when it arises. It is always better to prevent than to repair.

5. Get in touch with professionals

An easy way to scout for available jobs in your area is to knock on a few doors and talk to the employers themselves. Rely on your social skills to establish a professional relationship with different business representatives and there’s a strong chance you might be on top of their list on the next job posting. 

Don’t hesitate to attend industry events, contact official construction associations or put your faith in a recruitment agency. Whatever the approach, make sure to present yourself in a professional yet approachable manner. As in other domains, first impression is always key. 

Time to put on the hard hat!

Construction remains not only a noble profession, but one of the most lucrative and rewarding career choices in the world. Your efforts generate immediate results and the pay will keep you motivated. With a little planning and just a bit of ambition, you can tick all the boxes and have the satisfaction of building the life you want, brick by brick.

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