4 Gift Ideas When You Don’t Know What to Give This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and as awesome as it is, it can be difficult to think of the right gift for a friend, loved one, family member or even your boss. So what do you get for the person who has everything? The person who isn’t sure what they want out of life? Even the person who doesn’t particularly like getting gifts. Here is a list of 4 unique gift ideas to get you thinking.

#1 A Message From Their Favourite Celebrity

Okay, well maybe not their favourite celebrity per say, but a celebrity nonetheless. There are several platforms now that offer short personal messages from celebrities from tons of different industries. Who doesn’t want an inspiring personalised Christmas message from Snoop Dogg? Or having Bruce Buffer scream “It’s Time… For the Best Christmas Gift Ever from your friend [Your Name Here]!”? It may be a bit goofy, but being offbeat can be really special to someone you love.

#2 Christmas Food and Wine Hampers

One of the best parts about getting a gift hamper for your family, friends or colleagues is that the whole gathering gets to enjoy the gift. These carefully arranged gift baskets, stuffed full of tasty nibbles and top quality wine are sure to make just about anyone happy this Christmas. Even if your friend or loved one doesn’t drink or is on a strict diet, there are gift hampers full of indulgent personal care items and even pet gift hampers if they have a dog or cat. If you are considering corporate Christmas hampers, a perfectly curated gift basket is ideal for a top client or valued staff member – you can even personalise it and select the contents yourself.


#3 The Gift of Learning – Online Courses

There has been a massive boom in online learning as of late. You probably see paid ads frequently on your social media or search engines. Some of these may be a bit pricey or oversold, but there are several affordable options for that special someone who has always wanted to learn something like game coding, app development, JavaScript or even writing their own novel. There are so many options and with most of them you aren’t required to purchase an exact course, but rather a membership. So even if you don’t know what they want to learn you can surprise them with an online learning membership.

#4 Alternative Streaming Membership

These days streaming is all the rage, especially since the pandemic. Sure, almost everyone has platforms like Netflix, Amazon or Disney Plus, but there are also amazing alternative streaming sites out there for the more forward or out of the box thinkers. These sites are packed full of quirky content that may peak the interest of your friend or loved one.

So if you don’t know what to get for that special someone, or even a colleague this Christmas, not to worry, there are a lot of options out there that you may not be thinking of. Be creative this Christmas and get them a gift they will certainly remember!

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