YouTube’s 360 Degree Video Feature is Pure Genius!

In case you missed out, earlier this year YouTube announced the inception of 360 Degree Video formats on it’s platform. A couple of months later YouTube officially started providing support for such virtual-reality-friendly videos to Chrome and Android app and very recently to iPhones too.

What’s the Big Deal?

Good news is that by adding support for 360 degree video uploads YouTube has opened up the gates for users/ publishers to upload interactive videos capturing entire surroundings simultaneously.

Just click and drag inside the video and you will be able to move the video around in any direction and watch it from any angle. Even better, if you can watch it on Android/ iphone YouTube App where you can literally either move your phone or just swipe away and the video will follow.

How can I create a 360 Degree video?

The market leader – YouTube has not only made it available to watch 360 videos but also allowed it’s user to get creative & upload these interactive videos. A 360 degree video is recorded in full 360 degree panorama by using the following YouTube compatible special cameras:

Cameras - Youtube-360-degree

– Bublcam

– Giroptic’s 360cam

– IC Real Tech’s Allie

– Kodak’s SP360


Interactive Future of Storytelling – Virtual Reality

It would be unfair if we didn’t mention Virtual reality (VR) on YouTube using 360 degree videos. As the name suggests, Virtual reality is immersive multimedia environment or you can say computer stimulated life. The best part about it is that it makes you feel you are physically present in a place which could be either real or imaginary. One of the best examples of VR could be from the movie Avatar where the actors are hooked up to experience what their avatars perform remotely. You might have seen those head mounted displays for video games, education & training purposes. You get the idea right!

Google Cardbaords

You can try virtual reality experience by getting Samsung GearVR Headsets or a more affordable options is to get Google’s cardboard Virtual reality Viewer. It’s a nifty little cardboard kit which allows VR experience through your smart phone just like a VR headset and it only costs around $10 – $15  All you have to do is download the VR app and away you go.

Wait! There’s more to just 360 Degree Videos:


No one thought that 360 Degree videos will get main stream attention this early as there’s only a few video platforms out there which were producing it. Now that the big daddy – Youtube has got into the game we are looking forward to some amazing, creative, immersive & entertaining content in the near future.

Heaps of cool projects using VR are on their way. Google’s recently Debuted New Live-action 360 Degree Short Film, ‘HELP’ is made uniquely for mobile. It’s created by none other than Justin Lin, the director of Fast & Furious series. The future of VR & 360 Degree Videos looks crazier and it’s only going to get better from here. Excited! Me too!

Tons of Action in Every Direction:

We have accumulated a playlist of the coolest 360 videos which we could find for you to enjoy. This playlist incudes 360 Degree Music Videos, Adventure sports, Animation, Concerts, Nature, live Shows & rallies, cool random stuff and also videos ideal for Google Cardboard viewing.

My personal favourite is the Virtual Tour Guides of place from bird’s-eye view, the underwater sea bed videos and also Arnold’s VR Terminator video by YouTube star Lily Sings aka Superwoman which allows you be a Terminator for 3mins in Virtual reality space.  Enough said!

Check them out below.