What is resume parsing?

A resume parser helps scan the document(doc or PDF), analyze it, and fetch vital information for recruiters. For most recruiters, important information to be extracted with a resume parser includes skills, work experience, contact information, achievements, education, certifications, and specific professional specializations. The process is done through advanced technologies or specialized apps and is generally a free form of online document transformation. When processed, the app converts every data into a prescribed format without needing manual intervention. Therefore, using the procedure helps recruiters from both small and large companies have one less thing to worry about. 

Everything is stored electronically reducing the load on recruiters as well as other company superiors. Thanks to this feature, the data is accessible at any time without having to struggle through loads of paperwork.

How Resume parsing algorithm work?

Depending upon the company’s set structure of defining new recruits, the working of the resume parsing may differ from each other. Here is a detailed guide on how these apps work typically.

Step 1: Upon uploading the electronic file, the app automatically saves the document within its default folder. Although the upload is an automatic procedure, selecting the files might be done either manually or by setting up specific application commands.

Step 2: The files are then scanned thoroughly by parsing tools such as Ducknowl with every data being recorded for future reference. All necessary information is extracted and held separately before moving on to the next step. These may include, profile details, qualifications, work experience, contact info, and more.

Step 3: These details are then sorted into a single, properly structured format, making it easy to find what recruiters are looking for. Each file is then automatically saved into machine-readable output, where recruiters can choose which ones to keep and which ones to reject.

Step 4: Most high-tech resume parse tools are also equipped with advanced technologies that allow them to pick a list of candidates better suitable for the job. This is achieved through the swift elimination of poorly managed resumes and the grouping of the best-appropriate ones.

Resume parsing benefits

No wonder resume parsing tools is a technically new term that might spook some individuals wondering about their usage. So, if you are one of the many, below are the top reasons why opting for resume parsing is a much better deal nowadays.

Streamlined selection process

One of the most tiring phases of every recruiter’s life is looking for new candidates. Given the competitive world, they have to regularly go through hundreds of resumes of qualified candidates with the huge responsibility of finding good personnel. Whereas, this is no rocket science, a lot of time ends up being wasted.

 However, thanks to the resume parsing tools, they can finally have ample time for other essential HR tasks. As the application does all the scut work, a lot of responsibility is removed from their head, and a lot less time is used for finding the right manpower.

Reduced paper load

 With everything possible electronically, using these tools also aids in saving paper. Recruiters can store, sort, or manipulate candidate profiles using online or app tools, without requiring pen and paper. Therefore, the company might expect lesser annual expenses on stationery items when opting for the procedure.

 Additionally, thanks to its no paper involvement, there is no fear of misplacing or loss of essential candidate information. Thus, with parsing technology a company or firm can be both environmentally sustainable besides offering efficient recruiting services.

Ease of access

 Another disadvantage to the traditional resume analysis process includes their storage and access. But, unlike the former choice, resume parsing tools are specifically equipped with cutting-edge technologies that make them one of the most feasible ways of accessing candidate information. Large amounts of data can be easily stored in these cloud software or developer applications, making them easy to access with authoritative credentials at any time.

 Moreover, some apps also allow multiple access, allowing users with access to scroll through these essential documents from anywhere.

Faster processing

 Last but not least, choosing these parsing tools also has been found to be highly critical in reducing days’ worth of work into seconds or hours. Upon uploading the documents, they are automatically saved, sorted, and processed, without any manual interference.

 The tool does it all as directed, that too with a much greater efficiency rate of 98 percent and more, increasing work productivity by several folds.

 Final Thoughts

 It is no wonder that every resume parsing tool out there has something grand to offer. But, recently, Ducknowl has been able to match up to the bars set up by decades-old resume parsing tools. Featuring many out-of-the-box features, the software feasibly connects with many reputable job sources, such as LinkedIn, HubSpot, Indeed, Zoho, Crelate, greenhouse, and more to ensure authentic candidate information. 

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