How Listening To Music Can Increase Your Productivity

Music is a huge part of our daily grind. I’ve always wondered if and how music affects the work that I do and what I achieve. Turns out there is actually a lot of science behind the power of music.

So, Why we love music?

Neuroscientists from McGill University recently conducted a study that revealed that we love music for the same reason we love delicious food, sex, gambling, or that first sip of coffee in the morning. It all causes the nucleus accumbens to activate in our brain. This releases dopamine, noted to be the ‘feel good’ chemical. Dopamine induced pleasure explains why music has been such an imperative part of society throughout history.

The study has linked the release of dopamine to both motivation and addiction. Which would explain why we reach for our headphones before we need to do more work out. The extreme pleasure we get from our tunes is actually biologically reinforcing in our brains.

Caryn from Naturopath Brisbane also suggests that it is beneficial to listen to peaceful music for someone going through stress. Other than Nutrion, balance diet, and simple life, music can also be a major part of stress managemen.

Music creates harmony

Neuroscientist Jamshed Bharucha discusses that creative spheres, such as music, allow a connection between individuals in a synchronised way, helping to develop group identity and in turn making us more likely to work together.

This was evident in study recently conducted on pre school children. The study had the students placed in pairs and shown toy frogs. They were then told that the frogs could only be woken by music or exercise. The researchers then split the children into two groups of 24 and both groups took turn in making their way around the toy frogs. Group one sang a song and group two only crawled.

The children were then presented with marble filled tubes. When the children received the tubes the bottoms would fall out and the marbles would roll all over the floor. By observation it was noted that the children who sang the song together were more cooperative in helping each other to clean up the marbles and not those who were paired together. This study concluded that music’s power has evolved deeply in our brains into a way of creating community, harmony and the development of empathetic concern.

How Music can increase productivity?

Music can be useful when completing tasks that are clearly defined and not demanding in creativity. Writing an assignment from scratch is synthesis work which demands a lot of creativity, whereas sifting through emails and cleaning the house is routine work that does not. Research has established that listening to music whilst performing tasks of repetition makes for efficient productivity. The results state that economic benefits can ensue from the use of music in the workplace.

Music is the best aid in perfecting what you are already good at
When you’re an expert at a specific task, music proves its magic once more. The Journal of the American Medical Association conducted a study which concluded that surgeons worked even more accurately when their choice of music was playing, music they didn’t prefer was second best and silence was the least helpful of all.

When working on something that you have completed routinely, performance can become more efficient and successful when listening to your favorite tunes.

Music helps you finish boring tasks

If you’re not too excited to clean the house after having a weekend of visitors or catching up on emails, believe it or not, music can make these tasks somewhat more bearable. Researchers have noted that because listening to music is pleasurable, it not only makes tasks seem more enjoyable but it can actually help you complete the task faster.

The Journal of Neuroscience of Behaviour and Physiology noted that when workers on an assembly line had music playing, they were happier and efficient, making fewer errors on the job. As long as you’re listening to music you like, you will most likely enjoy boring jobs and get them done faster.

Tip: Create a playlist to perfect your flow

So, we’ve figured out that working in silence all day is definitely not the most productive option. The rhythm and pace of the song can assist in motivating you in the right direction. Always build your playlist with songs that work well with the task on hand.

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