Brisbane Truly on Track to Become Australia’s New World City

Queensland’s fastest-growing metropolis, Brisbane, is well and truly on track to becoming recognised primarily as Australia’s New World City.

This label, although quite ambiguous has been coined by many to represent the city’s rapid ascent to becoming Australia’s hottest cultural hub. Best known internationally for hosting the G20 Leaders Summit in 2014, Brisbane is on the path to reaching the new world status by 2022.

Built around the iconic Brisbane River and recognised by its most distinguished landmark The Story Bridge, Brisbane is a well-known tourist hotspot for international and interstate visitors alike. John, who has been operating home design and construction business in Brisbane for more than 15 yrs says that the city’s growth following the G20 summit has called for new developments to be set in motion with hopes of being completed within the next decade.

Royden, who has been in real estate industry for almost 20 yrs and currently run his Property managers Brisbane real estate business, says that investment in real estate has gone up in last few years and G20 is going to work as a catalyst in Brisbane’s real estate growth.

Currently, Brisbane is touting itself as Australia’s New World City, however, not on the scale that it would like to be known. Defined by specific criteria, new world cities are those which are mid-sized, affordable, offer quality education options, have the efficient infrastructure, have low congestion, inflation and pollution and are safe and secure, amongst other traits.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is committing $15.5 million of the 2015-16 Budget to implement several key recommendations from the Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan, submitted in May this year.

“The economic priorities in this plan include driving job creation, guiding city-shaping, maintaining and improving quality of life, and assisting research and education expansion,” he said.

“I want to ensure Brisbane’s role as a major player in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow and we are recognised globally as a New World City full of opportunity that attracts and retains talent.”

A key step is taken, which demonstrates a small part of Brisbane’s current progression to new world status from a technological standpoint, comes with the new Wi-Fi strategy that has been contracted by Telstra, which will allow visitors to stay connected all across the CBD from mid-2016.

“The internet is part of everyday life and access to free public Wi-Fi is now the new benchmark for modern cities, by enabling free connection to the Internet we will encourage visitors to the city centre to linger a little longer,” said Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson.

As a historically understated city, Brisbane Marketing CEO John Aitken says that there is more to Brisbane than what initially meets the eye.

“Brisbane always relied on tourism, agriculture, resources and construction as the four pillars that held the city, and while these pillars are important, there is a brighter future ahead”.

Further recommendations from the submitted Action Plan are set to come to fruition between now and 2022, as well as the beginning of construction of the $2 billion Brisbane Casino Precinct and revamp of the Queen St Wharf, which will hugely enhance the city’s economic future.

As for now, the city will continue to grow; however, the laid-back attitude of its residents and the relaxed culture it exudes will remain the same. The city of Brisbane is sure to continue to delight residents and tourists, as it has done for many years before, and it will be exciting to watch what will become of Queensland’s capital.

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Charlotte Tully

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