9 Foods For Weight Loss

image credit: pixabay.com

Weight loss is based on a simple concept; you have to eat less than you actually burn. First thing first, you need to choose a diet which suits you. You cannot go on diet for few months, lose weight significantly, and then get back to an unlimited supply for fast food. The focus should be on selecting healthy food for a healthy life style.

According to Caryn, who is a Naturopath, balanced diet is one of the most important part of our lives and one should consider including all the vital nutrients in their diet. Lack of proper diet may result to bigger issue then what may think such as decline in health, low blood pressure, stress, lack of energy and many more.

Here is a list of nine food items which actually keep you filled as well as play a major part in bringing inches down on your belly.


A fruit loaded with a balanced diet and is usually ranked in top flat tummy foods. Apples have dietary fiber in them, which reduces the symptoms of diabetes. Not only it keeps you satisfied, but also it develops a healthy digestive system and reduces cholesterol. Since doctors also recommend weight watchers to increase fiber quantity, apple is usually their first choice.


Though not a complete meal, however, a real decent lunchtime snack. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, Calcium and Potassium, also a good source of fiber. Nutrients in almonds help in reducing cholesterol as well as maintaining healthy cholesterol. Since they are good source of fiber, 10 to 15 almonds are good enough to keep you filled during the day.


Unlike red meat, seafood is a good source of healthy diet. Fish is generally low in calories, and also a good protein source. Seafood is usually easier to digest as compared to red meat. Dieticians also recommend weight watchers to replace red meat with seafood for rapid weight loss.


A real good source of protein, however, not recommended by many dieticians. Though a lot of weight watchers have mentioned that eating at least one egg in breakfast has its own benefit. It kept them fuller and they ended up losing more weight than consuming a traditional breakfast.


Many cultures use tomatoes in their recipes. A cup of cooked tomatoes carry only 40 calories. One of the major advantage other than a being a dietary supplement is that it helps in getting you healthy skin.


Beans have always been a major source of protein, above all, really cheap as well as much filling. Another excellent food to keep you fuller all day so that you could eat less


Soup is a complete meal, plus you can get a complete variety of soups out there in restaurants. You may not have to go through ordering a complete meal for yourself if you start with soup and that’s it. Doesn’t matter what kind, however, you may want to avoid creamy ones.


Bananas improve your workout performance. It’s an inexpensive fruit available in every superstore. It is diet-friendly, beneficial for your digestive system as they increase metabolism. It also gives you a rapid Vitamin C boost and is highly recommended by doctors for athletes.

Greek Yogurt

There is a whole variety of yogurt available in a superstore. Plain yogurt, frozen yogurt or fruit yogurt, you name it, it’s all on the shelves. However, the one you must look for is plain greek yogurt. A good source of protein and half of carbs of plain yogurt.