6 Ways To Be Positive In Life

image credit:pixabay.com

Charlie Chaplin once said ““You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down”

lt is harsh truth of life is that life is not always sunshine and rainbows and every person has to go through tough times. But there is something that can always keep you motivated during tough times, its called positive thinking. With the power of positive thinking, despite all the hardships you can still emerge as a winner at the end of the day.

Positive thinking is the ultimate game changers that give you an unlimited power of getting things done. And fortune? It favours the brave and the optimistic.

So here is how you can be positive in your life:

1. Be content with what you have

Being content with what you have is a fortune. Happiness is more to a contented man in a shabby hut than to a millionaire who is not happy with his Porsche. Appreciating your life, your little assets and people around you will shed a positive ray of light into your life. It will lift the veil of negativity that is shrouding your eyes and will bring you to horizons that you always thought were unattainable.

Legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said that “If you are going through hell keep going”.  Every one of us go through a bad phase at some point in our lives.  Churchill tried to keep a nation stay positive with his timeless words and speeches on positive attitude during the days of greatest struggle of humankind, the Second World War.

If you are sailing through bad weather why anchor in the middle? You got to keep going until things take a turn for good. And if you believe strong enough, it will.

  1. Cut down on jealousy

Nurturing lust on the success of others will make you miserable and sad. It will breed more and more negative thoughts in you until you become emotionally vulnerable, vicious and hateful. It will open doors to negativity and self-pity. You need to harvest positive thoughts like being happy for others and learn from their successes.

  1. Think of others who did worse than you

When you feel like life is picking out on you and trying to tear you apart think of people who did worse than you. Think of Nelson Mandela living in a tiny cell for 28 years yet never crumbled to negativity. He maintained hope and positivity even during the tough days and later changed the scenario of an entire country through his great leadership skills and positive attitude. Think of your own heroes and role models who crept out of the pit of failure and negativity and achieved a great success.

  1. Come out of your vicious bonds

Sitting on a problem for long time thinking and thinking without direction will land you in a pessimistic zone. You got to ask the right question in the right frame of mind to land in the right answer that will get you out of the pessimistic zone.  And you need to start acting to resolve the issue instead of just thinking about it.

  1. Make a positive environment

Remove the negativity from your workplace. Cut the word ‘negativity’ out from your dictionary. Surround yourself with positive people, objects that emit positive rays of life such as a quote from your favourite role model or favourite inspirational movie. Your trophies, certificates and achievements should be clearly displayed for YOU to continuously remind you that you are a winner.

  1. Make it a way of life and transform others

You got to transform others who are important in your life to a positive frame of mind. Otherwise, their negativity can transcend to you and transform you back to the pessimistic person that you once were.  Be the change agents in for your family and friends. Direct them all to the light of positivity and you can sustain your success for a long time to come.