7 Tips To Help You Manage Your Precious Time

If you can manage the time, consider half the job is done! Time management is the first step towards success. If you can learn the technique to manage your time, you will do a big favour to yourself because that will make your life a lot easier.   

Here are seven tips for better time management. Choose the ones that you like and this may help save time, and it can even help you to use your time to greater effect.

1. Make a Master List

You need to first organize your tasks into a Master List which will includes all the things you are going to do now and also in future. Then, try to duplicate this for a Monthly List and make sure that the tasks are completed within the month. Also, use this to arrange a Weekly List with the tasks needed to be done that week. And from that list, make a Daily List for everything you will be doing daily. This style will help you track your priorities. Then check the list once a month, week, and day, and then update the lists as needed.

2. Use an Electronic Check-list

If you find the plan above difficult and old fashioned then why not manage a list with an electronic device to make it easier and faster to use. Use apps like Smartphones notes, or to-do lists. There are many other apps (like DropBox or Evernote) available to do this job for you.

This will allow you create the master list, daily, monthly, and weekly folders along with others that you wish to add.

3. Resist too much of Technology

We are talking about unnecessary browsing of Facebook, texts, and the twitters messages that distract your attention and time. Often what is meant to be a quick look over Facebook timelines becomes hours of play and in the end you will find that you’ve just lost some quality time. You can change the way you check on these types of things only once or twice a day. It is something that you get used to over time, and then you will be amazed at that saved time you’ve derived.

4. Avoid Hell Lot of multi-tasking.

If you indulge in multi-tasking, then you are seriously switching attention between tasks. To complete the tasks the result will take twice to complete, and will probably involve many more errors. Sometimes focusing at one work at a time is better than multi tasking.

5. Batch your Tasks.

If your task list is long, divide them into task types. Collate the problem solving tasks together and try to resolve them one after the other. Try to apply the same principle to your financial tasks, email etc which will help you focus your brain and allows you to find time for yourself.

6. Take Regular time out.

We all have a limit to our ability to concentrate on any kind of work. Just try and break your work up into an hour, half an hour, or not more than two hours at a stretch. Then try to work hard for that time, after which you can give yourself a short break. Stand up and stretch to get some fresh air or take a coffee break. Return to work after getting refreshed and ready as ever.

7. Stop Procrastinating.

Stop procrastinating, It can make you spend too much time on tasks that have lower priority and it will make you avoid those tasks which really need to be done. Prioritize your work and tag them based on their significance. If you have any task that does not fit into any category, cancel it. Every day try and focus first on the tasks that has a higher significant value than others.