5 Most Innovative Hi-Tech Gadgets

In a society where technology is becoming an increasing aspect of our daily lives, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest clever devices. Items and products designed to make our lives easier or more efficient are almost always best-sellers.

Masters of innovation and invention have consistently fabricated objects, devices and contraptions to reduce the impact of laborious tasks on mankind and have succeeded in the development of the ball point pen, the paper clip and more recently, the ‘Scrubba Wash Bag’ and the smartphone.

Varying in both complexity and practicality, here are some of the latest, most anticipated and potentially profitable high-tech gadgets:

1. IQ Alarm Clock

Instead of the regular snooze button which is endearingly pressed in the morning, this alarm clock presents questions which need to be solved in order to deactivate the alarm sound. This clock is designed to pull the brain away from a recurring ‘snooze’ cycle by encouraging brain activity. Moreover, the number of questions and their difficulty and topic are adjustable.

2. ‘Senzo’ Nightlight

Rather than struggle for the light switch throughout the night, provided by Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia a development in nightlight technology has emerged. It conveniently lights up the room when it is touched. With a customisable length, it can be fitted along any wall and most commonly the wall to the toilet! This clever device solves a common difficulty and is both energy efficient and practical.

3. Transparent TV

The transparent TV designed by Michael Friebe is an extraordinary advancement in television technology that combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology. This allows the creation of non-transparent, solid moving pictures with rich colour reproduction and a full contrast range on a transparent material. It is arguably the future of the Television in terms of style.

4. Sonic Fire Extinguisher

Work by Seth Robertson and Viet Tran shows that you can use sound waves rather than tradition carbon powder to put out flames. These engineering students rigged up a sonic fire extinguisher that produces soundwaves at frequencies between 30 and 60 Hz. The waves essentially separate the oxygen from the fuel source and quickly extinguishes the fire without any mess or toxic powder.

5. Solo-Wheel

The Solo-Wheel takes the daily commute to the next level. A single battery powered wheel which the rider balance upon will last a 25km journey on one two hour charge and is durably designed to take you anywhere. With portability that surpasses a tradition bicycle and speeds of up to 16km/hr, the Solo-Wheel is possibly the coolest way to get around.

With a commercialised race that is only gaining speed and momentum, futuristic products that have the potential to make what is now a daily habit obsolete are never far away.

The above gadgets and thingamajigs are only beginning to attract a wider market and will perhaps be as common as the iPhone in a few short years. History has proven that it only takes one person’s brilliant idea, to change the world. Who knows what the future holds?