6 Things You Need to Add During Your Bathroom Renovation

When you buy a property, there is no guarantee that you will always have everything to your liking. That is where renovation and remodelling come into the picture. If you are not quite happy with the existing bathroom at your home, you can hire a professional team to make the necessary changes. But first, you need to decide what things you need for the bathroom.

In today’s busy life, a lot of people treat their bathroom as a sanctuary where they unwind their minds and reflect on their lives. Thus, everything needs to be perfect. In fact, choosing the right towel for your bathroom is also a massive task. Websites like https://saarde.com/ have a wide collection of towels and other bathroom accessories that will suit your bathroom. However, during a bathroom renovation, you need to add the following things.

The right tile:

While giving your bathroom a complete makeover, it becomes important to choose the right tile. The design and pattern of the tiles can set the tone of your bathroom. Also, make sure the tiles are of good quality. You do not want to choose a tile that breaks easily. Also, when you try to replace the broken tiles, the new ones may not match the rest of the tiles. While choosing the tiles for the floor, get the porcelain ones, as they will be more durable than ceramic tiles.

Walk-in shower:

Walk-in showers are a great choice for bathroom remodelling. Apart from adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom, it also helps maximise the space. If your budget permits, get a glass door. This will make the bathroom look more open and spacious. Nowadays, you can get coated glass for the bathroom. They help water run off the glass, making it easier to clean.

Quality plumbing fixtures:

While planning the bathroom remodelling or renovation, you should consult a plumbing expert. A professional plumber can help you get the plumbing system right for the bathroom and let you know which changes are practical and which aren’t. Also, they can suggest which fixtures are better for your bathroom. Some companies offer plastic instead of metal. Having a professional by your side makes these choices easier.

Appropriate lighting:

The right lighting fixture can set the mood for your bathroom. You can choose ambient lighting that matches the theme of your bathroom. You can also find aesthetic lights, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures in the market. If you are going for something classy, lighting fixtures with brass can look good in your bathroom. You can also go for simple yet elegant wall-mounted lamps that blend well with your bathroom theme.


If it is the master bathroom you are renovating, you may need to choose multiple sanitaryware depending on the size of your family. Having multiple sinks can be useful if you are bothered by the brushing habits of others. The same goes for other pieces of sanitaryware as well. Also, you can find sanitaryware in different colours and designs. So, choose the one that matches the rest of the bathroom after renovation.

Towel warmers:

Mounting towel warmers on the wall can give your bathroom a massive upgrade. While the properties in Brisbane do not witness much cold due to the humid subtropical climate, towel warmers can be useful after a nice bath. Since this equipment is mounted on the wall, they do not require any floor space. This hardware is reasonably priced and can make your wide collection of towels more useful during winter.


Most people are going to renovate or remodel their bathrooms only once or twice during their lifetime. So, it is important to get everything right while renovating or remodelling it. While the aforementioned items can make your bathroom renovation more useful and functional, you also need to consider your budget and requirements before making such choices.

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