4 Things People Overlook When Building A New House in Australia

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Whether you’re renovating, completing a knock-down rebuild, or building a new home from scratch, there are several important elements to consider. Of course, it helps to be able to communicate openly with your home builder from the get-go. Having a builder who will guide you through the process, and also, help you identify the key considerations most people usually forget to think about, also helps immensely.

So, what are the main things people tend to overlook when building a new house in Australia?

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The Driveway

If you have two cars, the answer is, probably yes. That is to say – unless one of you is happy to park out on the street!

Whether you opt for a single or a double driveway, though, Australian driveway standards stipulate that your driveway meets certain width and length requirements, and also, that it is safe for drivers to navigate.

The important thing to remember here, however, relates to double driveways in new estates in particular. In these cases, often, the council doesn’t provide enough extra concrete to pave the part of the nature strip that leads up to your driveway. This can result in an awkwardly shaped space in front of your house that doesn’t match up with your double driveway area.

To avoid this when building your home, consider purchasing additional concrete to fill in the extra room on the curb. This will ensure that the area lines up with the extra real estate your double driveway takes up. Of course, you’ll need to obtain council permission to make modifications to this external portion. As it forms part of the nature strip, this area falls under the jurisdiction of council-owned land.

Power Outlets

When building your house, the placement of your power outlets is key. This is often left as an afterthought, however, it can have a massive impact on both convenience and comfort in the home. For this reason, it pays to take into account where you want your power outlets to be placed when designing your new home.

If you want all of your electrical appliances neatly tucked away, for instance, a novel idea is to create an ‘outlet drawer’ to plug in and charge all your devices inside it. This relatively new concept is also known as a ‘docking drawer’, and is often a feature of more modern homes.

Storage Options

Storage is another critical element to consider. Having carefully designed home storage options is an essential part of organising your home. Good storage will help you keep clutter under control, and also ensure that everything has its place. This in turn assists with keeping your home tidy.

For food storage in particular, consider building a butler’s pantry in your kitchen. This is essentially a walk-in cupboard in which you can store any non-refrigerated pantry staples and snacks at room temperature. A linen cupboard will help with keeping your sheets, bedding and towels neatly stowed away. Considering your bathroom storage is also important, as often, a standard-sized medicine cabinet won’t cut it – especially if you own a lot of skincare! Think about installing additional shelves in your bathroom instead.

The Lighting

Lastly, don’t forget your lighting! Light switches, and of course, where they are placed around the house can have a massive effect on the ambience of your home. Also, consider yellow downlights if you want to set a warm, inviting mood. Dimmable lights are something else you might like to include in your home design. You may also wish to install skylight roof openings in parts of the house that do not have windows. This can help to brighten up these spaces and give an impression of openness.

When you’re building your new home, of course, you’ll want it to be perfect. However, in the process of designing your dream house, there are certain aspects you might forget to think about – until it’s too late. Once you’ve moved in, modifications can be both costly and time-consuming, so it pays to get it right the first time. Hopefully, this article has helped to shed some light on what you need to consider when building your perfect space!

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