16 Common Dreams and Their Meaning

Every single person on earth dreams each night from at least 90 minutes to two hours, or even more. At times our dreams are self-explanatory in their meaning: a long-lost relative returns, an abundance of wealth is on the horizon or a promotion at work is on its way. But, dreams aren’t always this simple, it is often difficult to pull a story line from an abstract event, and the field of dreams research is becoming even more interesting with the realisation that people from diverse backgrounds and cultures are experiencing similar dreams.

Suzanne Bergmann, a licensed social worker and professional dream worker explains, “Dreams are a universal language, creating often elaborate images out of emotional concepts.”

According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, author of “Dream on it: Unlock your dreams, Change your life!” most people are susceptible to around 100, 00 dreams in their lifetime. Although, many dreams we never remember when we wake. Karen Silberstein, author of “Journey of an apprentice dreamer,” explains that the dreams that we actually do remember, can be a great deal of help with understanding our reality, “Dreams can be out inner selves telling us to wake up and pay attention. We should always ask questions and go deeper. We can use our dreams to help us make better choices for our lives right now.”

With dreams becoming more recognised as a key to unlocking the muddle of our reality, researchers have studied the voices of our subconscious to better comprehend them, as all dreams don’t tell the same story.

Here are a list of the most commonly reported dreams and their interpretations:

1. Dream of Being chased

That dream where you are desperately running away from someone or something that we’ve all head multiple times, actually symbolises a that in reality you are feeling threatened. It means that out of fear, you are running away from something in your life. This could be linked to something either external or internal of the battles with your mind.

2. Dream About The birth of a Baby

Dreaming of giving birth, being pregnant or of an infant in general can represent something new. This may be associated with a new idea, a new project, or any new development in any specific area of our reality.

3. Dream of Falling

That sudden falling sensation or a vision of falling from a cliff has been associated with two meaning. This dream could mean that you either have anxiety over something beyond your control or a sense of failure.

4. Dream of Death

Although death is often perceived to compromise a negative meaning, it is often directly related to dramatic changes in the dreamers life. The end of one thing, to make room for another.

5. Dream of Nudity

The awful dream that feels so, so real where you’re in a public place, desperately trying to cover yourself up but you are unable to. This relates to emotional or psychological vulnerability that you may be facing. You may be exposed to someone that you don’t trust, or you are trying to hide something.

6. Dream of Water

Water has been described as the mirror of your subconscious mind. The situation of your emotions can be described by the quality to the water. The state of cleanliness, crystal clear, polluted, calm or rough provides an insights to the nature of your feelings.

7. Dream of Paralysis

Paralysis is another form of dream which many encounter each night, although it is not actually a dream per se. Our bodies endure a form of minute paralysis during sleep, this prevents us from performing any acts that occur during our dreams. The subconscious mind stays still. Dreaming of paralysis can indicate that the dreamer feels a lack of control in their waking life.

8. Dream of Walking but unable to move

These types of dreams are often related to the pursue of dreams in reality. You’re trying to run or move, yet your body isn’t functioning the way you want it to, and you just aren’t getting anywhere. This can imply that you have bitten off too much than you can chew. You’re trying to do too many things at once, unable to make up for lost time.

9. Dream that All your teeth have fallen out

The sensation of chewing on something is experienced and when the dreamer spits it out it is their teeth. Teeth are widely associated with ability to communicate. Therefore, this dreams mostly occur when you are failing to communicate your real feelings.

10. Dream of Hair

Our hair maintains a strong tie with sexuality. Ample hair may signify virility whereas a dreamer losing hair can demonstrate loss of interest in libido.

11. Dream of Trapped inside of something

The dreamer is commonly trapped inside of either a cage or a box. This reflects the dreamer’s inability to free themselves of a bad decision or situation.

12. Dream of Recurring appearances of demons

Demons lurking around your dream world signify repressed emotions. Your consciousness visualises them as dangerous demons because they keep returning in spite of efforts to keep them under control.

13. Dream of Tied Hands

In your dream you go to raise your hands but you can’t as you realise that they are tied together. You feel helpless and most probably do in reality as well if this is a recurring dream.

14. Dream of Snakes

If these slithery reptiles keep making an appearance in your dream world, you may be facing an inner conflict with your life. Snakes may represent the feeling of shame, punishment, guilt or a sinful act.

15. Dream of Being late

Dreams of constantly sleeping through your alarm and being late for work or appointments symbolises your neglect of an important part of your reality. This is your subconscious telling us we need to pay more attention to a responsibility being neglected.

16. Dream of Flying

Flying in our dreams symbolises an event of success. You may have recently liberated yourself of something that was a weight on your shoulders. Moreover, the way our flying is handled, whether it be poorly or perfect can tell us the extent of control we have over our lives.