Why Remedial Massage is So Important For Our Well-Being

massage-benefitsA massage refers to pressing, rubbing, and manipulating skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This can cure insomnia, digestive disorders and headaches. Despite its benefits, A massage should not be considered as a replacement for regular medical care and it is necessary to consult a doctor in case of an emergency situation 

Both athletes and coaches are aware of the benefits of massage therapy. This is a feature within many sports teams and is also part of training schedules.  It is believed that a good massage can improve the performance of athletes, and help reduce the recovery times due to injury. It helps deal with pain and immobility caused by trauma. 

 In May 2016, Oxford University research suggests that massage therapy is beneficial for individuals experiencing pain. Massage helps reduce the heart rate, decreases anxiety and enhances attentiveness. It can alleviate pain caused by excessive physical activity.  A good sports massage can prevent an onset of muscle soreness. The therapy can improve the range of movement of the human body. 

 A deep tissue massage can offer both psychological and physical benefits. This massage helps treat muscle pain and improves stiffness.  In 2014, a study found deep tissue massages help treat chronic back pain. This focuses on the inner layers of muscles and is used to treat tendons and muscle injuries. 

The Swedish massage is a much more gentle form of massage and it is used to promote relaxation and reduce muscle soreness caused due to everyday activities. This massage targets superficial layers of muscle and focuses on parts that hold the most amount of tension.    

Massage therapy can improve posture by aligning the back and reduces stress caused by bad posture.  It also can boost the immune system by improving the system’s cytotoxic capacity. Consistent massages can lower blood pressure levels and reduce cortisol levels within the human body. 

A massage can also help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. An ayurvedic massage aims to stimulate the lymphatic system to keep your body healthy.  In modern times, there are aquatic massages that performed on the body in water. Massages help cure people through acupressure points with the aim of clearing blockages within the meridians. 

By loosening muscles and tendons, massage therapy allows for greater flow of blood circulation within the body.  This helps release toxins out of the blood and lymphatic systems. A massage is known to promote mood and give better sleep.  We can reduce the severity of tension and provide a better quality of life through massages. Please ensure to get your massage done by a certified expert.