When to See a Podiatrist? | 5 Signs It’s Time

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who deals with the treatment of feet and ankle disorders. We use our feet all the time for mobility and that is why it is important to see a specialist whenever you experience any pain or any swelling that may cause discomfort. Swellings are a common occurrence when you have a feet disorder; therefore, when you experience any kind of swellings or pain in your feet, then its time to see a podiatrist.

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When to see a podiatrist

There are common signs that may help you determine when to see a podiatrist. Some of the common signs include skin rashes, foot odour and pain in your feet. You may also need to see a podiatrist when you have discoloured toenails and when you have a sudden challenge fitting into shoes that previously fitted well.

What do you see a podiatrist for?

You may see a podiatrist for the purpose of diagnosis and seeking treatment for feet and ankle disorder. A podiatrist conducts various medical tests that aid in detecting the kind of problem you are experiencing. Common diagnostic procedures that are used by a podiatrist include arthrography, blood tests, bone scans, joint aspirations, computed tomography, and electromyography.

You can also see a podiatrist for the purpose of seeking treatment for a foot disorder. Some of the common treatment procedures that a podiatrist conducts include surgery, application of ice or heat, steroid injections, physical therapy and debridement.

Reasons to See a Podiatrist

There are a couple of reasons for seeing a podiatrist just to ascertain that your feet are in the right health condition. Reasons for seeing a podiatrist are:

• The Occurrence of a Painful Bunion

A bunion refers to a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe. At times, the bunion tends to be unbearably painful and a sore may occur in extreme cases. You should see a Podiatrist as soon as you see a bunion on your toe.

• Heel Pain

Achilles tendonitis refers to a condition where you experience pain under the heel. The pain mostly occurs when you have an accident that results in an injury. Other factors that may cause heel pain are bone bruises, inappropriate posture when walking, short flexor tendon tear and gout.

• Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is one of the reasons to see a podiatrist. It is a fungal infection that occurs between toes. It mostly results in itching, stinging and an irritating burning sensation. Red rashes may also be observed, together with painful blisters. You need to see a podiatrist immediately to treat the fungal infection. If left untreated, the fungal infection will keep spreading to other toes and the discomfort will be unbearable.

• The occurrence of ankle pain

Ankle pain is also a reason that might drive you to see a podiatrist. Ankle pains occur as a result of blocked blood vessels, nerve injury, gout and infection on the joint. In case you have arthritis, you may experience joint pains because of the continued inflammation of the joints.

• Open Wound on your Feet that Does not Heal

If you have been having an open wound that has not healed for a while, then it’s time to visit a podiatrist for proper treatment. The wound needs to be checked out immediately by a podiatrist, otherwise, it will infect the bone and cause more serious damage such as leg amputation.