Tips on Improving Your University Life

University can be hard – balancing work, a social life, university assessment, internships and family! So much to do and such little time. I feel your pain and as a past university student I’m here to give you all the tips and tricks that helped me survive university and not have a mental break down.

1. Download ‘Lost Campus’ on your phone

This application will save you time and stress! Finding tutorial rooms, lecture theatres and study nooks at university is like navigating an endless maze. Instead of asking strangers for help or using a paper map definitely download this application. The app gives you a GPS map of every location on campus and is super easy to navigate. You can either search the location (for example room N63) and follow a GPS to your destination or read a description of your chosen location which includes exterior photos, building names, room descriptions, what’s located on each floor and if any amenities are inside. In addition to this, the app also shows you secret locations and buildings. Instead of studying in the library why not mix it up and study in a secret roof-top garden or hidden room.

2. Join Clubs and Societies

Depending on your university, making friends isn’t the easiest. Everyone at university is always on a mission to get in and get out or is too consumed in their own life but don’t worry there are still normal, friendly people waiting to meet you! Depending on your interests and hobbies there is definitely a club or society perfect for you. A bonus to joining a club or society includes an awesome reference for your résumé, new friends and heaps of events with massive bar tabs.

3. Optimise on Student Discounts

A downside to being a student is living on a student budget but with the help of student discounts you’ll still be able to still look trendy and keep up with your friends! Firstly, download Unidays – this app will change your life! Uniday’s is a FREE application that gives students access to discounts at hundreds of retailers instore and online. Student Edge is another great website/ application that gives students hundreds of discounts at retailers, food vendors and places to visit. At the moment Student Edge has over 900, 000 users and is available in over 120 countries worldwide!

4. Don’t Forget to Have Some ‘Me Time’

With all the hustle and bustle sometimes it’s easy to put yourself last but remember you’re important and in order to achieve your goals you need to look after yourself. Whether you enjoy reading a book in bed at night, playing candy crush or having a little pamper session, remember to do things that make you happy! Music is also a good way to zone out and uplift your mood and lucky for you students can get discounts with Apple Music and Spotify.