Tips for Applying Partner Visa Subclass 309 &100 in Australia

One of the great excitements in life is not being able to guess or predict who you are going to fall in love with. If that happens to occur whilst travelling, working abroad or on a vacation, then the legal grounds for staying together can often start to get tricky and confusing. For those who want to move to Australia with their partners, there is a partner visa Australia that needs to be applied for in order for you or your partner to be able to stay in residency as a couple, and this partner subclass 100 is something that is very important. If you need to know how to get a partner visa Australia, then you have come to the right place. Here are some tips for how to apply for a partner visa in Australia.

Start Process Early

These processes tend to take longer than anyone would ideally like, so the earlier you begin the process of applying for your own visa, the sooner you can put the plans into motion. These types of petitions can take months and months to assemble, so don’t assume that it will just be one or two simple forms to fill in.

Online Differences

For your application, you can choose to either produce an online form or complete a paper one to be mailed, and it is important that you remember to check both versions to see if there are any differences or discrepancies between the two. It is recommended that you pick one format and stick to it, rather than using the internet for one portion of the application and physical copies for another.

Identity Documents

Keeping in mind that this process can stretch to months and months, it is important that you make sure all of the relevant identity documents are valid and have suitable future expiration dates. You don’t want your driver’s licence, passport etc. to be reaching an out of date state when they are going to be vital components in helping you or your partner stay in the country.

Police Certificate

If you have lived in Australia for more than a year on another type of visa, you can apply for something called a police certificate that serves as further evidence and security of your place in society. If you haven’t received this certificate by the time you need to send off your partner visa form, you can simply attach a copy of the application form as evidence that it is on the way.

Demonstrate Relationship

There are physical things that you can do which will strengthen the nature of your relationship in the eyes of the visa assessors. Moving in together, opening up joint bank accounts, signing other kinds of financial documents that bond you together in more than just romantic ties can all be very good ways to make a strong case for having the visa approved.

Include Photographs

To add a more personal touch to the applications, it can help to send photographic evidence of both you and your partner, and of the two of you together to reinforce the true and authentic nature of your union.

This is a summary of how to get a partner visa in Australia. More detailed information can be found on government websites.