Queenslanders to get $200 off utility bills during coronavirus crisis

Some relief for Queenslanders as Qld govt. announced $200 off utility bills to help the residents during this crisis time.

The Palaszczuk government has revealed a $300 million household relief package that will go towards electricity and water cost.

Many Australians are looking towards their local governments for support as they are feeling the financial stress. The movement around the country is low and restrictions have been applied to public gatherings. PM has been clear with his message to Australia that they should be staying home. People staying home means the businesses will suffer. This further means that people will lose their jobs.

In Australia, electricity and water bills are some of the highest in the world. Electricity bills have been a big issues and you may have noticed in the news time to time about how Aussies have been complaining about the high bills. Needless to say that in crisis time, the situation is worse. People are looking towards their electricity, water, internet, phone companies to provide some relief.

This is the time the big companies who provide these services such as body corporate, internet, phone and similar services to households should come forwards and support the residents. Qld govt’s step to offer cashback of $200 is well accepted and we appreciate this step. For others, instead of hiding behind the doors, not taking calls is not going to help. Body corp, internet or private companies who can afford should come out and release the discounts and relief for residents.

This is a time we all help each other instead of thinking of personal profits. Those big companies or big banks who can afford to help should help. The help should be real not just a gimmick or display of affection with no solid grounds. 

The Palaszczuk government has revealed a $300 million household relief package that will go towards electricity and water costs at a time when many in the Sunshine State are facing up to darker times.

It’s part of a wider investment of $4 billion to help support the health system, jobs and businesses in Queensland during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the measures are an unprecedented response to an unprecedented crisis.

“To date, this is the biggest single relief package assembled by any state or territory,” she said.

“Our society will go through the most difficult period most of us have ever experienced, but I am determined my government will support Queenslanders through it.”

The $200 contribution towards household bills is in addition to the $50 asset dividend the government already contributes to energy costs, made possible because of Queensland’s public ownership of power stations.