Pacifica Trading Tips: Everyday practices you never dreamed would help our seafood industry!

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Ignore it, and it will go away. This can be a good thing when it applies to pesky co-workers or skin-blemishes. But not, unfortunately, when it comes to the global warming crisis and the longevity of our seafood species.

As per Pauline from Pacifica Trading, a growing population, world-wide food demands and climate change have put pressure on a once abundant source. With fishing industries indulging in some fishy habits, we’re faced with everything from habitat destruction to overfishing; both of which place a serious depletion on our oceanic resources. And yet it seems to be a little known, but huge fact, that each of us can contribute to sustaining the sea and its bounty. In this blog by Pacifica Trading, we will see how we can contribute and help our environment.

Help the fins by reducing your footprint!

Pacifica Trading says that a lot of what we do on land directly impacts what happens out at sea. We all know that reducing our carbon footprint is a great thing, along with avoiding non-recyclable products. But did you know that just by leaving your car at home and practicing energy-saving methods will reduce the effects of climate change on the ocean?

Pauline from Pacifica Trading says that saying no to plastic is also imperative to the continuation of so many marine species. Plastic is made to last forever. It is not biodegradable, and therefore, only breaks away to smaller pieces. Now get ready for this; in this day and age, tens of billions of merging plastic swirls can be found covering 40% of the planet’s ocean surfaces! Our aquatic wildlife mistake that plastic for food, not only killing tens of thousands of species per year, but passing down toxins into the food chain. Every time you shop with your own reusable bag, or refill water from a sustainable bottle, a fish thanks you dearly.


Fish Food; making smarter choices

Forming a close relationship with a fresh seafood wholesaler like Pacifica Trading will keep you up to date and informed on season availability and what species are in abundant supply and caught with humane practices. Even purchasing frozen fish from wholesalers ensures sustainability. If you live in the region of a coastal town, such as the Gold Coast, it’s worth making the trip to Pacifica Trading – Seafood Market located at Scottsdale Drive, Robina, as there’s usually plenty of local catch options.

You can even feed your pet with eco-activism in mind! Your furry friend will undoubtedly love you for some sardines, or if that’s a little beyond the budget, be sure to buy sustainable pet food (it will say so the label) and never flush kitty litter down the toilet; it contains pathogens harmful to marine life. And lastly, try not to purchase products (coral jewellery, shark teeth) that harm our fragile coral reefs, and therefore, its aquatic life.

Ocean Minded

Pacifica Trading says that from travel to time, there are countless ways we can contribute to saving our oceans and its species on a regular basis. There are now eco-friendly cruises available for holidays with less carbon emissions and cleaner burning fuels.

With the majority of Australian’s residing no more than one hour from a coastline, research your local council’s oceanic policies before voting; be sure that they have the ocean’s best interests in their heart, and in our future.

If you are an individual who lives right in a coastal town, perhaps join one of your local organisations and volunteer in habitat protecting causes. Be in the know. Whether you glean fishing industry info from your local seafood wholesaler, or by scouring the internet, your knowledge will inspire and inform others.