How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding in Brisbane

In many parts of the world, outdoor weddings are summer events. In Brisbane, however, autumn signals the time of year when the temperatures fall back down into the comfort zone and the rain typically subsides. Being located on the north-eastern coast, cyclones are not out of the realm of possibility. Even though they are rare, many couples would rather have an outdoor wedding in cooler, comfortable temperatures without the threat of summer downpours. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Brisbane, the weather might be the first consideration. After that, here are some tips to help you plan the most memorable wedding ever!

Music is a Must

Why would you want an outdoor wedding with canned music playing over second-rate speakers when you can find local talent on the website? This group of highly skilled professional artists can perform outdoor weddings in literally any style of music imaginable. From ‘oldies’ like the Beatles with I Saw Her Standing There and further back to Etta James’ classic At Last to today’s reggae and pop/rock genres, there is talent to rival the stars topping Billboard. Check out the short clips on to get a sampling of the sounds you can hire for your special day.

Often Overlooked ‘Details’

One of the most stressful aspects of having an outdoor wedding is all those little ‘details’ you hadn’t been mindful of. For example, if you are having your ceremony and celebration on public lands, chances are you’ll need a permit. Private land is another matter altogether as long as you stay within local or neighbourhood codes. Then there are facilities to be aware of. Are there ample toilets and washrooms to facilitate your guest list? If not, you can hire those for the event as well. Also, as mentioned above, even though the weather in autumn is drier than the summer rainy season, it is not immune to a shower or two. You might want to hire a marquee in the even that an autumn sprinkle should arrive just when you thought you were in for the perfect day.

Remember That Help Is Out There

Finally, why subject yourself to an inordinate amount of stress when help is out there? Maybe you’d like to hire a wedding planner to see to all the details for you. You have enough on your mind and you certainly don’t want that much-anticipated day to arrive with bags under your eyes from lack of sleep! If you don’t have it in your budget to hire a professional wedding planner, perhaps you could enlist a close friend or family member (or two!) to help you with arranging things like caterers and hiring the equipment you need to make the day a success.

This is your special day, so take the time to plan it well in terms of Brisbane weather and all those little often forgotten or overlooked details that can make or break your day. Outdoor weddings can be spectacular, but remember, it’s all in the organisation. Get that straight and it will be the wedding of your dreams.