Getting the Smell out of your Activewear and Gym Clothes 

When you exercise regularly you know what a high sweat session can do to your activewear, your sports bras, tights, shorts, tanks and such. They can quickly start to smell and sometimes no matter how well you wash them, that smell remains. The thing is the way a lot of workout clothing is made makes it harder to wash. Stretchy materials are meant to repel water, making them great for keeping the sweat off you when you work out, but then harder to wash. Here is a look at getting rid of the bad smell and how to wash activewear more effectively.

Easy tips for dealing with that sweat

1) Do not use fabric softener

Fabric softener is not good for your workout clothing. In activewear, it locks in smells and traps bacteria. It can also actually damage the wicking effect those clothes have. That then makes them smell more.

2) Avoid using too much detergent

It sounds strange that it is possible to use too much detergent, it is true. Stretchy materials do not do as well with regular detergent so putting more in there is the worst thing to do. It can cause bacteria to get trapped and that builds up and then the smell gets worse. Either use half the amount of detergent or use a detergent specifically made for activewear.

3) Stop leaving them on your floor after the gym

Often after a workout, you get home, throw your clothes on the floor, get yourself in the shower and then forget about them. But when looking at how to wash activewear it is important to deal with them sooner rather than later. The longer they sit there the more bacteria multiply and the worse the smell gets. If you are not washing straight away at least hang them or lay them on a rack.

4) If they are really sweaty wash them straight away

If you had an especially sweaty session then you do need to act more quickly. It is best to wash after every use if you have very sweaty workouts, but it is okay to use them a couple of times before washing if it is not that heavy.

5) Put them in your freezer!

You might not have heard this but if you are not ready to do your laundry you can throw them in a plastic bag and put them in your freezer! The cold air destroys bacteria and prevents more growth, which prevents a strong odour from becoming a problem.

6) Soak in white vinegar

Soaking in white vinegar is a good way to remove bad odours. Before you decide on how to wash activewear, soak in a sink with cold water and a cup of white vinegar. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes, then put in your washing machine. It is okay to also add a small amount of vinegar to the machine.

7) Add lemon or baking soda to the wash

Some other kitchen ingredients you can add to the washing machine are baking soda and lemon juice. Add a cup of baking soda to the wash or the juice of one large lemon. The acid and the soda work to break down the oils and get rid of odours.

8) Hang them out in the sun and fresh air

The final tip here for how to wash activewear is that once you have washed it, put them out in the sunlight and fresh air. It is great for getting rid of smells and it lasts longer and is better for the environment than a tumble dryer.

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