Get Notified By the Home Security System When a Security Breach Occurs

All home protection systems operate on the same basic principle: they secure entry points such as doors and windows, as well as interior space containing valuables such as art, computers, weapons, and coin collections. The only distinction is the number of security components deployed in the house and controlled by the control panel, regardless of the size of your home, the number of doors and windows, or the number of interior rooms a homeowner decides to cover.

What Happens When An Intrusion Occurs?

When a safe zone is breached, home security systems are configured to perform specific tasks. The type of protection system you have determines what happens in the case of an intrusion.

Security Systems That Are Professionally Monitored:

If you have your home security system professionally monitored by an alarm company, they will be notified if there is a security issue in your house. The control company is also notified, in addition to the high-decibel warning. If the control panel is set up for 2-Way Voice communication, a qualified security expert can attempt to communicate with the homeowner through the control panel, or call the emergency contact number specified on the account.

The Monitoring Company Can Communicate With These Protection Systems In A Variety Of Ways, Including:

  • If a battery backup is used, existing home phone lines continue to operate during power outages.
  • Wirelessly via cellular radio frequencies, similar to those used by mobile phones, which often operate during power outages when a battery backup is used.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a form of communication that does not function in the event of a power outage.
  • Via the Internet, which is normally unavailable during a power outage.

The monitoring company will contact the relevant emergency service services in your area in the case of a real emergency. Police, firefighters, and paramedics are among those who fall under this category. Before emergency response teams arrive at your house, the monitoring company will continue to keep in touch with you.

When a security breach occurs, most monitored systems allow homeowners (or designees) to be informed via text message and email.

Non-Monitored Security Systems:

Currently, many DIY home security systems are available that do not require professional monitoring. When this form of protection device is mounted, a high-decibel alarm sounds in the event of a home invasion (provided one is installed). The homeowner must initiate contact with police, fire, or other emergency response services by dialing the appropriate number, usually 911.

Depending on the vendor and the home security system you choose, these systems may or may not allow for text or email updates to be sent to the homeowner in the event of a security breach.


Connection Types

You’ll need a link to the centre if you want skilled monitoring. There are three different types of connections available: landline, cable, and cellular.

Home Phone

When using a landline, the provider uses the home’s landline link to send a warning to the monitoring centre. Connecting to a landline is the cheapest alternative, but it’s also the most vulnerable to hacking. If the line is disconnected, you are no longer connected to the monitoring centre.


High-speed Internet

You will use a broadband link to communicate with the monitoring centre if you have high-speed internet. If the power goes out, your link will be lost. Some service providers have backup batteries to ensure that your device continues to run even if your Wi-Fi goes down.


Mobile number

A built-in chip in cellular monitoring sends warnings to the monitoring center using the same signal that your phone uses to make calls and send texts. It’s a trustworthy tool because it can’t be tampered with and the signal is unlikely to go dead. A cellular link, on the other hand, is typically the most expensive alternative.


According to several reports, homes without proper home security systems are up to three times more likely to be burglarized than those with professionally controlled systems, since burglars are opportunistic by design and look for easy targets.



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