Choosing a Pair Of Hair Scissors For Home Use

After 2020, cutting your hair at home has been trending on Google searches and Twitter. With a lot of time to learn a new skill, cutting, trimming and maintaining your own hairstyle has become a popular choice.

In this article, we are going to talk about why you need hair scissors, how to choose them, and how to cut your own hair at home!


Why should I buy a pair of hair scissors?

You can cut your hair with any cutting tool, even a butter knife, but if you are looking to avoid damaging your hair and keep that stylish look, then you need a pair of hair scissors.

The difference between a regular pair of scissors and hair cutting scissors are the blades, material and handles.

The scissor blades have a sharply honed edge that is made for slicing through hair cleanly without causing any damage.

Higher quality steel is used for hair scissors in order to hold the finer blade.

The hair scissor handles have a more ergonomic grip that positions your fingers, wrist and elbow in a more natural and comfortable way.

If you use scissors found around your house, they tend to tear and pull your hair. The result is split-ends and damaged hair that will have you rushing to a local hairdresser or barber to fix.

How do I choose hair scissors?

Choosing a pair of hair scissors doesn’t need to be overly expensive or difficult. As we mentioned above, the main aspect of hair scissors is the blades, materials and handles.

When searching for a pair of hair scissors to use at home, look for something between $99 and $199. A pair of hair scissors within this price range will deliver great haircutting results, and last you many years.

A few tips when buying a pair of hair scissors for home use:

  1. aim for a pair between $99 and $199
  2. look for stainless steel
  3. a convex, bevel of flat-edge blade is perfect for beginners
  4. an offset handle is the best choice for scissors
  5. if possible, choose a set that gives you a cloth and maintenance oil


What do I need to cut my own hair?

Cutting your own hair at home is easy if you are trimming and maintaining your hairstyle. Try to avoid recreating your style, especially if you are new to this.

Before you get started, you need:

  1. a comb
  2. a mirror
  3. a pair of hair scissors
  4. a spray bottle (optional)
  5. a go get’em attitude!

The goal of cutting your hair at home is to trim your hair. Make sure to clean your hair and dry it before starting.

To trim your hair at home, follow these steps:

  1. spray your hair with water, or splash some on your hair. Dampen your hair, do not soak it.
  2. comb your hair straight down to remove any knots or tangles.
  3. with your index and middle finger, grab your damp hair above where you want to cut. Slowly slide down you two fingers until they are just above the cutting point.
  4. grab your hair scissors with your dominant hand, and in one smooth motion, cut the hair below your fingers.
  5. repeat this until you are satisfied with the results.
  6. dry your hair to check how your haircut looks. When your hair is damp, it appears longer and thicker, so the best way to check the results is to dry your hair.

When it comes to short, long, curly, wavy, and every other type of hair, there are different hair cutting techniques and methods to think about. Read more about how to cut your own hair here.

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